Can anyone please let me know their experience on the drug depakote. I know the side effects can be deadly and I am scared to death. Any and all help will be much appreciated. Also if you have drugs that work better for you with minimal side effects that I can go on instead.


1375 days ago
Hi you would be best off asking this on our bipolar forum. We also have one for medications. Just click COMMUNITY top right of the page.

It's good that you are carefully investigating meds before taking them!

1375 days ago
Here's the direct link to reviews about Depakote (which you can copy and paste into your web browser):

1373 days ago
DocJohn thanks for the direct link, it had a lot of information I needed. It was still scary information about the drug. Any drug you know of that would help with the depression end of the bipolar spectrum? I also take Seroquel 400mgs. with the Depakote 1,000 mgs for this past week until Thurs when I go back. I want to be able to suggest a different med to take instead of the Depakote.

1374 days ago
Hi there. I've been on depakote and nothing bad happened to me. Im not really sure about all that deadly stuff. The only real thing that might happen to you is a lot of weight gain. Trust me. I started at around 150 and now i am 220. I am now on Trileptal and it works really good for me.

1372 days ago
Did you have any hair loss with the depakote? When did it start to happen and how much did you loose?

1373 days ago
Does the pill depakote itself make you more hungry and that is why you gain weight because you eat more or does it mess with your metabolism?

1333 days ago
I got severely aggressive on it. But my sister in law loves it!!! Lithium caused very bad anger. The ONLY meds I found that work for me are Lamictal & Effexor. Never felt better!!!