I am very confused and as a single mom I am going insane because I have no one responsible enough to go to, to help me with my situation. Here goes... My 2 1/2 year old daughter came home from being with her father one night and while she was sleeping she started crying no. I calmed her down and helped her fall back asleep. I didn't think much of it because she dosen't see her father much so I thought it was just the anxiety of coming home after something new. Well this continued the second night and I did the same thing woke her up, calmed her down, and put her back to sleep. In the morning I was changing her diaper and I just simply asked her "has anyone been hurting you" she said "yes, daddy" this back and forth conversation went on for a couple of mins I asked her what she meant. She looked a bit confused. So I asked her where did daddy hurt you. She I swear darn near put her finger inside herself. I immediatly jumped up and scheduled an appointment that same day with her doctor. They did a female exam on her and said there didn't appear to be any forced entry or penitration. Social services got involved and brought my 2 1/2 year old in for questioning at a childrens advocacy center. She dosen't talk to well so I let them know that she is in speech therapy classes. She didn't tell them anything they said she seemed happy but couldn't get her to talk of course. As I expected. Its been about a month since this was brought up and we haven't done anything since then. My daughter is laying in bed tonight and I went in to talk to her to tell her to go to sleep. She started saying things again about daddy touching her and how he is nice and funny. She pointed to her butt when she said this. I am so lost what should I do!


2682 days ago
Keep scheduling appointments with the doctor and social services. If you think someone may be abusing your daughter you need to do anything and everything to help her and stop that abuse.

2681 days ago
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2681 days ago
Two year olds don't lie about things like this. Take what Raconteurion says seriously. A child your daughter's age knows when something doesn't feel good. They know when a touch feels uncomfortable, especially a sexual touch. Follow your instincts. Your daughter already has a communication issue and it could be exacerbated by this stress caused by your ex. This is more than a red flag, Mom. This is a red hammer hitting you on the head. Do NOT let this child see her father again until you have someone from CPS and preferably accompanied by the police visit him. Then push for supervised visits. Be strong. This is your daughter's well-being we're talking about.

2681 days ago
I so agree with what the others have replied

a child that young would not be making this up....it isnt something she would have knowledge about unless she was exposed to it!

please please please do not allow her to be with him unsupervised again.

2681 days ago
i agree with the others... chances are that, he is doing something sexual to her... you need need need please I beg you keep talking to services and child therapists... if you dont do anything, she WILL be scared for LIFE. DO NOT take this lightly. Please note- shes only two SHE DOSNT know how to lie yet.

2681 days ago
I, too, agree with the four others who have responded to Momoftwo422613's frantic cry for help. However, it's time for her to take responsibility for her daughter's safety. To the mother of the 2 1/2-year-old girl whom everyone in this forum agrees has been abused, at the very least by someone, you can contact http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/ovc/help/ca.htm, which will provide you with a national hotline or local resources. Depending on where you live, you may be able to press charges against your husband/ex based on your daughter's allegations despite -- or even because of -- her age. From the sound of events you, the mother, have presented to us, the girl is naturally shy to talk, and quite commonly failed to communicate the events that may truly be occurring. She needs therapy to bring it out. The rest of us must try to give the mother sane support to collect herself, along with our prayers. If some of this sounds harsh, I DO apologize, but too much hysterical pressure can do more harm than good.

2663 days ago
Definitely, please get her in to therapy, and do not leave her alone with the father at the moment, till you are sure what is going on.



2639 days ago
I am going through the same thing right now as a single mom-- I have a pre-school-age daughter and she is telling me things about her dad touching her. I have been going INSANE -- I didn't sleep for nights as I was extremely troubled. Did you find any answers yet? My daughter is going into counseling. It will take several weeks because first they have to build a repoire with my daughter on the initial visits by playing puzzles and games, before they can ask any questions. I got a court order for this and the dad has to cooperate in the counseling, per the order.

2481 days ago
Do not let your child see her father again, tell the father you know he is abusing your daughter because she told you and theirs no confusion in your mind, you believe her and that you will be taking full action immedietely, go back to child services and go for full custody. Keep talking to child services. Somewhere, someone has to take the first action, let it be you.