my step daughter just turned 18 this past August and graduated from high school now in college. 3 weeks prior she started to associate with a female friend i dont care for. Then all of a sudden she did a 360. Telling lies to people that we mistreat her never listen to her and that's not the truth. She created this big argument 3 days before she was to leave and went to her grandmothers house and stayed before she left for college. She did'nt call us while she was gone nothing. The day she left we took her to school and it was like she did'nt acknowledge that we were there. This friend was there with her mom and she treated them like royalty. She's been in college for 2 weeks now and this friend has been sneaking up there picking her up with out our knowledge. The week that she left the friend called our home and wanted to talk to me and i revealed somethings to her about my step daughter i told her that she lies all the time my step daughter and that i do love her and i'm trying to help her. i later found out this friend had her on the phone listening to part of the conversation. Now its like she thinks her dad has turned on her and we were all the blame for what has happened I just do'nt know what to do Need help and answers


2958 days ago
Well remember she is 18 and an adult now, and it IS time for her to be free. I'm the kind of person who, if someone was doing that to be... I'd ignor them back. not talk to them at all, not pick up the phone or anything. Not permanentally of course, just so she could get a feel of how it is to be treated like crap. She's just trying to manipulate you guys, and yes, she can be under control seeing as how she treated the other family nicely. So yeah, silence and time is golden.

2957 days ago
It could be lots of things. I mean, this could be her first time away from you all, so she may feel differently, and behave differently.

She could indeed be acting like she doesnt need you at all, and I do agree, sometimes silence is golden.

However, if it continues, I would do more checking into this to try and make sure it is just a kid trying to act like they dont need their parents.