For the paast hour it has felt like im itchy all over and there are things crawling around me and where i am. ive been in bed because im tired and its 11 but i cant sleep because of this. i feel like im covered in creepy crawlies even though i dont see any when i turn on the lihgts. i also feel like someone is watching me. evrything feels really off. and i can hear weird sounds i think. i dont know if they are real or not though. im freaked out. and im really jumpy and irritable. and its making the depression stage worse too becasue i dont get it. what is going on???


2668 days ago
you sound like your on drugs. but any way i get that feeling im ichy all over. if it makes you feel any better.

just chill go in a nice warm shower lay down in bed just relax and ull be fine just sounds like nerves to me.

2668 days ago
Have you done any illegal drugs?? Do you have dry skin? have you been drinking a lot of caffiene drinks? Do you have food allergies? Have you consulted with a doctor regarding your feelings? It's difficult to tell if this is psychological or simply dry skin. If it's dry skin - make sure you buy a loofah and scrub the dead skin, all over your body. Get yourself a good body cream(Aveeno) and massage this all over when your body is still wet. Please consult with your doctor.

2668 days ago
allergy to some medications can also cause an itchy skin reaction, plus some psychiatric drugs can have weird side effects

even OTC medicines can do strange stuff. My son had skin tingling and strange pre-sleep hallucinatory stuff...turned out that is a not uncommon reaction to some people from Tagamet!! an OTC heartburn med that he had been given to help with Crohn's symptoms so a variety of drugs, legal and illegal, can cause these kinds of symptoms

if you arent on any drugs, or eating new foods, and this is still happening, you do need to get to see your doctor ASAP

2668 days ago
Hey again beatsmarley,

Sometimes depression can cause hallucinations. I think last time you said you were taking medications for depression, right? That medication can sometimes EXACERBATE your depression instead of alleviate it.

I think you should call your doctor and a friend and consider checking into a psych hospital on a voluntary basis. If you check in on a voluntary basis, you can leave when you feel ready.

2668 days ago
ok. when i wrote this no, i was not on any drugs, and hadnt eaten anything that day. the day before, on saturday (i dont know if this is important), i ate a cookie that had something in it that was given to me by some random hippie-type guy. im pretty sure it was just weed. and that doesnt cause this i dont think. it was my first time..."using" (for lack of a better word), it ever. so i dont think its that.

i dont have dry skin either, i use a bunch of stuff for my skin.

im only allergic to ceclor, a medicine, which i didnt take.

i have no food allergies, and i didnt eat anything all day so it cant be that.

caffeine. hmm. that could be it? i havent had any for a while but last week i drank a ton of monsters (energy drinks). probably about 2 a day.

ok. ill work on getting an appointment with my doctor if it happens again.

nope, no meds for bipolar or anything else. i only take a couple random vitamins, and i dont think thats it.


i can do that even as a 16 year old?

thank you all for the answers, they helped.

2667 days ago
My first time smoking weed I had hallucinations. So, if you still had the THC in your system from the cookie it's very possible that it was from that :P

2666 days ago

It's probably best that you ask a doctor, but my guess would be that yes, sometimes depression could trigger psychosis regardless of age. But here's the thing: you may have just been tired, irritable, and worried. It would be premature, in my opinion, to assume that you had a full blown hallucination.

Try getting some really restful sleep that you need, and spend at least 20-30 a day exercising. It'll help restore balance in your body. Also, stop taking cookies from dirty hippies. :) LOL.

2666 days ago
gst: yeah it could be i guess. although when i said my first time using it, i meant edible-y through the mouth, not smoking. but yeah. ive heard its stronger through mouth. so yeah i guess that could be it.

edahn: yeah, i will the next time i go. it happened one more time, but it wasnt as freaky. so im not sure. ill check in with the doc. yeah, very true. i was extremely tired.

yupyup. i exercise a ton already. ill need to work on the sleep part though. hey, those hippies were pretty uh....pretty uh...."cool"

2665 days ago
Cool hippies? *skeptical look*


Make sure you get that sleep. It'll help you shift out of this phase and restore your mood. Good luck beatlesmarley! P.S. What do you think is the best Beatles or Marley song? I happen to like Blackbird and No Woman No Cry.

2665 days ago
peace man. make peace not war.

yeah. ill try. its hard to sleep though sometimes. maybe i should get sleeping pills or something.

I like those too, but my favorite Beatles is I'm a Loser, for obvious reasons and my favorite Marley would be either Smoke Two Joints, or Rebel Music (3 o clock Roadblock).

2665 days ago
I would start by just trying to relax a bit watching some TV and then going to sleep.

Peace indeed,


2664 days ago
ok. ill try that right now since i cant sleep.