in my dream, I was talking to a person and my teeth just started falling out in pieces. then I went into a room to leason to a Precher. he said that God wanted to tell someone something.for everyone to close your eyes and pray. I did and then a lighted ash fall on my forhead and the man said I was the one. I satred to cry uncontrolably,I was crurled up on Gods laps. he was telling me it is okay,don't cry. but he was crying too. I did not see his face,he was like a shadow. But it felt so real! as if it truely happen! please help!!!!


3407 days ago
Maybe its a good dream--like you are meant to be a preacher or teacher of God's or some such?

Is it bothering you in a bad way or are you just wondering about it?



3406 days ago
asking, it does sound like a good dream, and it's good to feel the realness of God, isn't it?

Are you Catholic? What is your connection to ash on your forehead?

The teeth falling out in pieces is pretty interesting. Only you can determine what it really means; what feels right to you will be the meaning, btw.

Were you saying things that weren't quite right to the person? Were you not saying what God wants you to say to this person (or anyone?) Do you sense that God wants you to speak for Him? It very well could be a precursor to a calling by God.