I am a runner and I have never had problems before. I had the flu about a week ago and that is gone. But recently my legs have been tired and sometimes my back will ache. It's like when I will run the my legs will ache a little the minute a stop they ache more and just feel really tired. Like they are worn out 24/7. Could you please help me?



3380 days ago
Hi there DieHardCardsFan5,

I hope thats an Albert Pujols 5! Yeah! They won't make the playoffs, but...

I would definitely seek the advice of a medical doctor instead of a psychologist. It could be just fatigue, CFS, fibromyalgia, anything...

Call your MD when you can.



3380 days ago
I agree with Clyde, we aren't medical doctors and can't really advise along those lines.

However, remember that having the flu usually takes many weeks from which to recover. Take it slowly, drink plenty of liquids, and don't run so far. Your body probably needs to build back up to the level it was at.

best wishes


3379 days ago
I am definitely no expert, but I am also a runner. I agree it could be many things. I know that I my legs are tired as I am increasing my weekly mileage to levels that I am not used to. I was wondering if you were running too much or too hard with out giving your body proper rest especially coming off from the flu. You probably did not run in while so I agree with drjean. Just take it slowly. I bet you will feel better soon.