This is weird but bear with me. I have a scooby doo fetish. No not for the dog himself but for the way the words sound. At about twelve I watched a scooby doo episode in class and became very aroused by the sound of "scooby dooby doo", and immediately associated it with nudity and the girls in my class. It's never gone away and now that I'm older it's associated with nude women. I told you it was weird. I want to know what psychologically is going on in my head and, if it's common to associate visual stimuli with certain sounds.


2377 days ago
It sounds like it is just basically a way in which you could "deal" with sexual things without feeling "dirty," or "bad" about it.

Have you talked to a therapist about this? You should do so because it would help you learn why you associated this with that.

Many things that are "normal" are associated with some weird combination. But I would suggest talking to a therapist/psychologist to see how, when, and why they became combined.