I have a girlfriend since 21-02 this year. We're both 16 and nearly 17. This is the first time that i have one and i really love her. But thats also the problem, my body loves her too, a little too much...
We went swimming at the third day we had something, and i had a hard time trying to hide it and it worked a little. But when i'm at her home and were on her bed (were not having sex or anything, yet) we get really close, and no matter what i try i cant get it away. And when she wants to lie on me i have to turn a bit so she won't find out. And i already know that she knows but she doesn't say anything. But i do mind it...
Nothing works to prevent it or get rid of it, i tried to wair tight (and sometimes more than 1) underpants, doesn't work. I tried thinking about sick and dead things, doesn't work. But i am not that far off to try taping it. Is there any way i can supress it?
And no bullshit about its normal about my age please i know but its the problem NOW, not in a couple of years.


2253 days ago
it is not related to your age but rather a normal sexual reaction to being close to the person you feel sexual about.

why would you *not* expect to get an erection if she is lying on top of you!

maybe some of the guys here have some coping tips but I am just amazed that you think it is a "problem" to get an erection when engaging in close contact with your gf

you cannot stop your body from reacting the way it was intended to.

2252 days ago
I don't mean its a 'problem' but 'annoying', i just don't like having an erection around people unless we do something (sex)... And it is possible to supress it by a kind of a underwair that 'holds it in place'. But i don't want to go to a shop to get something like that, so just an alternative.

2252 days ago
I agree with Chemar. It's not BS to accept this is a normal bodily function. I don't know why this would make you feel bad. If it's bothering you that much then keep a distance I guess.

2252 days ago
Distance = out of the question

2252 days ago
I agree. Your body's erection is normal and healthy and should not be a source of embarassment.

It also sounds like she is actually tempting you fairly strongly so she's probably noticed your embarassment and thinks its fun. That all sounds great!

If you are really embarassed then do not wear tight pants. rather wear looser fitting clothes like baggy pants where you can disguise your erection visibly and she can still feel you when you lie close. She probably wants to feel you.

Good Luck (although it sounds like your luck is good enough)

2252 days ago
About the "it's normal", thats an awnser i don't need, i know that but see my reaction on "Chemar"'s dialog.

And i'm quite sure she is actually atempting to couse it, and i also noticed she think its fun, but then again unless we do something i don't want to have one all te time (i just slept there (no sex) and had one nearly the entire time! From 23 'o till around 5 'o 2 hours sleep and again from 7 till 11:30.

I don't wair tight clothes becouse of this.

I do need luck on this one.

2251 days ago
I don't know if those tight biker spandex shorts would hold you down or would it make it worse. Don't know if this would offend you - but would masturbating relieve it for a while? Or wear loose baggy pants with a longer shirt.