I'm always hanging out with him and most the time he is so sweet. Though he can be a huge jerk too. He'll be all lovey dovey with me one day, and then the next he's calling me stuff behind my back. He often tells me he loves me but wont admit it other times. Help, he is so confusing.


3121 days ago
This friend.. Maybe look for him at bipolar or other mental things that might cause him to be like this..


3119 days ago
He's a great friend but shows signs of this sometimes, Will u be my friend?

3120 days ago
Thanx, but im not sure thats his problem, but ill look into it :)

3117 days ago
Did you just think he was bipolar now, or when Biscuit mentioned it?

Like I said earlier, I think he is just playing you, but it is up to you to check all of this out and find out.

We cannot read his mind. I hope he isn't hurting you, but you have every right to find out.