Me and my boyfriend Mike split up a while ago now but i have never been able to get over him. I love him so much im prepared to do anything for him. He says he still loves me but he wants me to wait until him and his new girlfriend break up properly because shes going through a rough time at the moment. Im trying everything in my power to win him Read More »
Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4years and I love him dearly. Throughout our relationship we have had some trust issues. i have never caught him cheating but lots of flirting that has lead me to believe that their could be some cheating. The summer of 2008 we broke up for 2months and than we got back together and broke up for a month an Read More »

We have been together 3 years. I am always asking for sex. I get it maybe 1-2 times a month. If I ask after work, he waits until we are in bed, very predictable. He then will start a bit of foreplay. Then he seems to wait tooo long before continuing. I need momentum to remain and get further aroused. He acts lost, I tell him what I need. He then w Read More »
My boyfriend of 2 years isn't that interested in sex anymore, even though he's still masturbating regularly. He says that sex is not as important to him but I've told him several times that it's important to me. He feels pressure from me to have sex. Read More »
I caught him 8 months ago sending naughty emails to another women. he promises he doesnt speak to her anymore, but i dont know if i believe him. is it wrong for me to snoop through his emails now? i cant shake the feeling he is up to something, but maybe i'm just paranoid now. Read More »
I am a 26 year old gay male and I have had a sock fetish since i have known myself. This is something I try to keep as a secret and not usually share with my sex partner. I started cheating on my boyfriend and started meeting older guys and have sock worship sessions. I feel a great deal of guilt and I realize this is something I need to deal with Read More »
I am in a long distance relationship with an amazing girl. i really think she is the one for me. Im in the military and she is in college. in a year we are going to be living together. but next year she wants to share an apartment with one of her guy friends. the idea of this really bothers me. i don't know what it is i really do trust her. am i Read More »
My fiancee and I have been together for 3 yrs. Over a year ago after an argument we had he left the house and slept w/ another woman. After this incident it has been very hard for me to trust him. I've caught him lying couple times after that. His method of lying is by omission. Which is frequently. Recently i went off town on a trip. And Read More »
Scenerio: Was engaged to a guy, broke it off due to many issues of which some I'll ask about here. (Not sure if this matters in the context of my questions, but I'm 3 courses away from my masters degree in Software Engineering Management, and he's a 9th grade drop out). I Found out I was pregnant 10 days after he moved out, which was January, Read More »
Everytime I think we are moving forward something somehow we are back to square one. Sometimes I don't feel like he likes me. He says he loves me but I sometime I wonder. We have been together for 13yrs. Read More »