I have a strong sexual attraction to, and erotic fascination with, the sight of the female leg wearing an orthopaedic cast, particularly along its full extent, from toes to hip. Now in my mid-forties, I have been aware of this ‘interest’ since my early teens, which might explain my particular attraction to plaster casts, as were the norm at such a time, which somehow seem heavier and more of a physical entity than contemporary casts.
For many years, I assumed this peculiar attraction to be mine alone, but, since the advent of the internet, I have become aware that a number of like-minded souls exist, that the ‘cast fetish’ is out there in the world of cyberspace, and is practised recreationally in the real, everyday world by those who have the inclination & means to do so.
As the online aspect of this fetish has developed over recent years, I now find I am able to satisfy my visual needs through the large number of available images, of both medically- and recreationally-worn leg casts – I have obsessively built a large collection of pictures of women wearing leg casts, and frequently enjoy these.
I have always assumed that my obsession is based on the aesthetics of the leg wearing a cast, being related as it is to my general attraction to women’s legs, feet, toes, boots, etc – the leg cast is very much an ‘object of desire’ in its appearance and in the manner it objectifies the leg inside.
However, I wonder whether my ‘interest’ may have other underlying, hidden causes and inspirations?
I wonder this because I have never had occasion to wear a cast myself (and thus experienced the physical restrictions imposed by one), and neither has anyone with whom I might spend regular, extended periods of time, such as a family member or close friend, although I have often imagined that female friends might have to have a leg in plaster that I might be around them, or that I might meet & form a relationship with a woman in such a situation. – I have a very strong desire to be in the presence of a leg cast as it is being worn, that I might interact with it and the wearer, that I might experience the sexuality of such.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated, thank you.


1825 days ago
I think you did answer yourself a bit there. You mention that the cast is a restriction and perhaps when you first became interested in this fetish, you put together the "restriction" with hiding your feelings and the turn-on/rush for the sexual act and not being caught?

Do you feel you could harm someone or anything like that? If so, I would definitely worry about that, but if you feel that nothing bad would ever become of it, I would just let it go as a fetish, and realize that many of us have different and odd things in our lives.

If you do feel it is a stressor, than seeing a therapist could be a good thing. If not, (I mean, if you feel it is not a stressor) than I would definitely not worry about it, unless, as we said, you are thinking about harming someone or something like that.



1825 days ago
In order to understand your fetish, you could read up on fetishes in general. All I know is somehow when you were young this connection was made and it became an object of arousal. Think back to when it 1st happened and you may find the clue there. I think the attitude with fetishes is - as long as you're happy, it isn't interfering with your life or interfering with the happiness of your life partner - then it's fine What kind of women are you attracted to? Do you like it when the woman seems vulnerable? Do you need to use this fetish(pretend casts) during sex and are you fine without it too?

1825 days ago
I think fetishes are very interesting and it always tickles me what fetishes people develop.

As long as you have perspective of it--i.e., as long as you realize it's just a fetish and don't let it take control of your mind-you're in the clear. I think lots of people have fetishes, they're just so common (big breast, thin legs, butts) that we don't recognize them as abnormal. Even guys with these traditional fetishes can compromise those fetishes if they meet someone special. They can also give them up by reminding themselves that if they focus exclusively on one superficial quality, they may be missing out on a lot more going on inside. You have that option too, even if your particular variety of fetish is more rare.

As to the source, I don't know. I'm generally skeptical of traditional psychological interpretations of these things. "Your mother did this, and the cast represents that, blah blah blah." I think those explanations are intellectual games and not reality. I can see one possible scenario where you saw a very attractive girl wearing a cast and from then on, were reminded of those same intense feelings of attraction the next time you saw a cast. Simple explanation. Side question: do you have any obsessive-compulsive tendencies? It would be consistent with the interpretation I offered.

I also think that lots of fetishes develop around the fact that something is peculiar, abnormal, socially unaccepted, and therefore forbidden. The forbidden quality is physically and sometimes sexually arousing. In that case, the root of the fetish just lies in the fact that something is perceived as odd. That's an alternative explanation for your fetish.