Recently my 13 1/2 year old daughters behaviors have gotten worse or more alarming. She talks to herself at night like she is having a conversation with someone, she claims she is seeing people that are not there, she says that voices are telling her to do things and they get louder and louder until she does them then they "shut-up". she says they tell her to commit suicide or cut herself. I have to call her doctor but I'm affraid they will want to lock her away. She thinks that she is a magician and can make things appear out of nowhere. Does anyone else have an answer or a similar story?


1856 days ago
I truly feel for you for this situation. My Aunt is schizophrenic, but it didn't affect her until her early twenties, but it does sound similar to that. Children have very active imaginations, but I think when she's hearing voices that say to hurt her or maybe even others, you truly have to do something even if your scared of them taking her somewhere. Imagine if something worse happens and you waited, you will wish you made a move. Even though it must be the hardest thing ever, I think you need to call. She may need medication. No matter what, she needs professional help that you cannot give her yourself. Good Luck and try to stay Strong for your daughter.

1856 days ago
Thank you. I too have a brother with this disorder and it is really hard to face this again. I AM going to call her Dr. in the morning I just wanted to see if anyone else has gone threw this to prepare myself. I dont know if there are different types of schizophrenia but my brother was a lot worse, what scares me is her hearing voices and seeing things and the suicidal thoughts. Thank you again for your support.

1855 days ago
I struggled for almost 9 years with schizophrenia with active psychosis. I had the voices telling me to do things.. and I would go into my moms room the next morning as she was getting ready for work and would show her what "I" did. It was just as terrifying to me as it was my mom. Good doctors, the right medication(s), therapy, love, support and understanding are the best things you can give your daughter. The sooner the phone call is made.. the sooner she will start on her journey to getting well.. I did it and it was hard.. There is a 4 letter word that needs to stay in your daily vocabulary.. Hope.. I wish you and your family all the best and you will be in my prayers as well. (keep a journal.. it's the best way to keep up with the daily occurances and it's also helpful to the dr's)

1852 days ago
She definitely sounds like she may have it. I hope you did get her to the doctor. They won't lock her away. There are lots of people "out there" who have schizophrenia.