I dreamt that me and my guy friend were on his parent's large boat and there were 2 other couples. We must have been in the area where the eater is let in and out by gates, like the delta. Anyway, the gates were made of thick concrete and they swung up and down. The water was able to rise and fall this way. We were waiting for one of the gates to open, before the water rose too high and it just was not quite able to make it all the way up.. All of a sudden I realized this and told my guy friend to hurry up and put the boat in reverse before we hit the concrete slab. He made it just in time, but then we were stuck in a tunnel type of area with the water rising by the minute. Meanwhile the other four aboard kept on partying and acting as if they did not know anything was going on.


2774 days ago
We're not the greatest with dream interpretation. Sometimes dreams are just random and don't really mean anything in relation to the dreamers life. Sometimes you can just use common sense. It could mean that you feel you need more control, feel stuck with some aspects of your life and wish others around you would understand you better. Take care Bella.

2773 days ago
"We're not the greatest with dream interpretation." LOL! Understatement of the month!

2759 days ago
Perhaps you feel trapped in some situations, and you may feel that the other four do not feel that you are as valued to them in your relationships as you want them to be to you.