First of all, when I have an assignment or a test to study, I always end up on my laptop and I tell myself that I will study after this, but I end up wasting hours and the next day I rush to finish it. I have joined an honours-type school and my major procrastination is the reason for my percentages dropping. I also write down notes really fast because I'm afraid of forgetting what the teacher has just said. I always tap my fingernails on something when someone is talking, or if I'm waiting for something. I'm not impatient, but I get easily frustrated when I'm tutoring someone. I do daydream Read More »

i'm pretty sure i have adhd - and it's taking control of my life and everything i love and want to do. i find myself easily distracted and frustrated with simple daily tasks.
i need help... the problem is i don't have any health insurance and currently do not have a steady job. even if i did... i feel like i would not be able to hold a job or focus on a job right now cause of the problems i've been having.
how can i get diagnosed and treated without health insurance and without a steady income.

please help
-k Read More »

alright me and my fiance have been together for three years and have two kids i love him so much and i know he loves me but well okay during our first year he was dignosed with adhd whitch to me made perfect sense i was thinking that or bipolar he can be the kindest person but even the stupidest things can piss him off hell he at times gets mad for no reason and im not just talking frustrated he can be so cruel cutting me down calling me names acuseing me of cheating threating to leave me every time we get into an arguement well he will say it's over been then once it's all said and over with Read More »
I have always had a really hard time with sleep but it seems like its been getting worse. It goes in cycles where every 1 1/2-2 months or so I will stay up for like 4 days in row and yet still be fine energy wise the next day. I have ADHD and have been on the same meds for a long, long time (Adderall, Abilify and Wellbutrin) so I know its not the medications. I also take Melatonin which usually works fine for sleep except during that really bad time period which I'm in right now. Does anyone know why this happens or what I can do about it? Read More »

I have taken a test for ADD/ADHD on this site ( I have a score of 102 and it means that the problem is very serious. I also understand that this single test is not enough to judge whether I really suffer from this. But looking at the problems I am facing in my life, somehow I feel I suffer. I would like to consult a doctor. How do I approach him? Should I just tell him that I have problems related to focus, attention and remembering? or should I directly tell him that I might be suffering from ADD/ADHD? Kindly Advice me. Thanks a lot in advance Read More »
my son had ADD,when i bring him for treatment pychologist doctor don't allowed him to special school because he still can handle school task, but his school teaher placed him in the special class and ask us to try for 2 months.In his special class they only separate them according to age not according type of learning diabilities.Im confusing because at home he can study and write as normal but short span attention.Please advice me what should i need to do? Read More »
I believe that I may have Adult ADD. My 51st birthday is just around the corner so I'm becoming more concerned about my problem. Most of my life has been spent working in warehouses but just as a regulare worker, never management. Now however, I have an increased amount of responsibility with my job. The symptoms are all there for ADD but I am a little hesitant about talking with my family doctor about it. Are there any out there around my age that have been recently diagnosed with ADD and if so, what course did you take getting an "official" dianosis? Read More »
Hey everyone, I'm hoping that you can help me. I'm sorry this is so long.

I'm 17, in grade 12. I procrastinate in everything I do. I worry that I will not get into a good university because of my grades- which are due to my inability to focus on important things, my tendency to watch TV shows when I know I should be doing homework and assignments (Heroes, Big Love, True Blood, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter, Moonlight, NCIS, CSI...), and my procrastination. I have this daunting feeling every time I go to school because I know that that's just one less day that I have to compl Read More »
I have been taking the ADHD and ADD medicine Concerta 72. mg. tabs for about 8 years. Every weekday at 7 in the morning and not during the summer months. It was not until the past 4 or 5 I started noticing they had begun to have a negative effect on me. I became worried when I noticed there was less of a difference between when I was on and off the medicine. I feel self-conscious, anxious, constantly panicked, and emotional. I also have trouble walking straight, and feel as if everyone is watching me. I get very jumpy as well with dry mouth and bad breath, my heartrate increases and I have lo Read More »