When I was first diagnoised with ADD my doctor prescribed Adderall to me. Adderall just made my heart rate increase and i would pass out from it. After that my doctor prescribed Straterra, this didn't have much of an effect. It just made me really really tired. I have ADD, not ADHD. I do not have too much energy, I just have a hard time fousing and have a lot of chatter in my head. What medication would u suggest trying? Read More »
I have had active and recognized depression for about 4 years now. Recently it has gotten better. The depression has decreased as well as the anxiety. I still have a problem with isolating myself, but am working on that with my doctor.

I have probably had depression throughout my life, only this bout was precipitated by a bout with cancer, that I survived physically, but not mentally or emotionally. It has taken several years to get back on my feet well enough to start a regiment of exercise and proper eating, and getting enough sleep, well, still struggling with the last one. I sleep, wit Read More »

Hi I'm 14 years old and I really changed in last 3 years. I'm going through really weird things and I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. When I'm in school I can't pay attention in class I always talk and always move my hands or legs I just can't sit still.
I have a need to hit someone and yell. I get upset and angry really
quick it take just a second for me to snap and I can feel
my hear is beating really fast. When I'm at home I can't study or do
homework, my grades dropped badly and I always fight with my parents. After the fight I feel so hyper full of adrenalin and I have to Read More »
My brother is 14 years old and i am 16. He has always been naughty, he was rude to teachers, teasing, loud, swearing, show off and was diagnosed with ADHD about a year ago. He got given tablets to take everyday to control his mood and they seemed to work after a while, he wasn't as bad.
But in september he moved to upper school which I am at and his behaviour is apalling. He is uncontr Read More »
ever since about a year or two ago ive been becoming more and more hyper. When ever im just laying or sitting next to someone i just feel the urge to hit them then start running around. Or if im just sitting im my room on the computer or watching tv I want to just get up and run around my room and throw things. Any idea why im so messed up? Read More »
For years now I've been struggling with concentrating. I get distracted very easily. The slightest noise or movement will put me off task. I will daydream for entire lectures and miss the entire class. I don't even realize I'm doing it. I looked up some symptoms and I do experience many of them. (Combined ADHD) I fidget, interrupt people, move from one uncompleted task to another, can't concentra Read More »
During school everything goes great - I am super focused on everything I do. In the mornings I start off very happy and in an overall good mood.Then throughout the day I start to feel negative: not angry or sad, but just negative. It's very hard to explain. When I get home and go to my room things start to get strange. The best way to describe it is that my mind has no control over my thoughts. A Read More »
Should i make an apppointment to see my regular family doctor concerning my problems? Read More »
I am usually known as the happy/hyper/funny girl, but i can snap to anger really quick, i talk super fast, can't sit still, and am constantly moving. Then there are times when i dont want to talk to anyone or do anything, my husband really notices these times and says i have depression problems....it seams my symptoms are getting worse and worse lately...it can take me hours or even days to simpl Read More »
I've had trouble focusing at school and work for years. Lately, it's such that my boss has noticed, and that I flunked every class last semester. (No, I'm not taking classes this semester, so I can't go to the school's ADD/etc. testing center.) I've had a 4.0 GPA for 3 years until now.

I'm less and less able to focus. I'm naturally an anxious person, and worry too much. I can't focus, find it Read More »