I keep getting into relationships and they start off good and then things start to happen. When we break up my fustration and anger rages and I lash out at the person saying hurtful things at the time. I feel rejected and then after I calm down I feel depressed that I said what I did.
I do things to the person that are hurtful and just want them to feel the pain I am in. Like I said before afte Read More »
Lately I've been feeling very spacey and unable to concentrate on my surroundings, and it just continues to worsen. It all started in high school, I was no longer able to concentrate on work or the teachers, I would usually just stare about or give up and sleep. I literally was unable to focus and read the words on a page or board, because I just couldn't grasp them anymore. Finally I dropped out Read More »

my problem is that i can't focus on my study and i have this problem for more than a year bcoz i'm always thinking and thinking, my mind never stops..I have been through very bad things such as the death of my mother three years ago (im 18 now) and before these 3 years she has been away in different countries for treatment.. so i didn't get the chance to feel her love although she was the best mo Read More »
My daughter is currently undergoing testing for ADHD with hyperactivity. I, myself, am ADHD, without hyperactivity, as well as bipolar disorder. As well as suspected ADHD, she also has confirmed SPD (sensory processing disorder). She has just started kindergarten this year, and we just finished the 3rd week and have been having problems since the 1st week.

She is highly intelligent. She is alr Read More »
My son started kindergarten this year. I was so excited, because his pre-school teacher always raved about how smart he was, and how he never had difficulty learning. Now, week 3 of Kindergarten, his teacher hasn't stopped complaining about how he doesn't listen to her (she's been complaining since day 3). For example: 1. He wouldn't put the headphones on in a listening center. 2. He didn't line Read More »
I have had ADD all my life..I was just wondering if it was a Mental Illness or not?? Read More »
Hello everyone. As far as I know, I've had ADD my whole life. I've been successfully treated for depression and other ailments so quite naturally I'm now interested in treating my ADD. I took Ritalin for a couple days in high school and was amazed at my ability to complete assignments. I'm now hoping that I can try it again and that it will work.

Has anyone here been successfully treated Read More »
I am 32, female, married mom of 2 boys. I fit the profile for ADHD perfectly, scored very high on the quiz, but in my childhood and school years I don't think I ever showed signs of it unless the overwhelming depression and substance abuse problems and undiagnosed Bipolar simply masked it. My dad has adult ADHD, OCD, unconfirmed Asberger's; I have a strong family history of mental illness on Dad' Read More »
mormat - i did as u suggested and did that test thingy only i couldnt find ADD but did the ADHD does it make a differene are they the same thing or did i do a complete different test?

the results to the ADHD one were 97 and said i may have adult adhd should i do anything about this or no? if so how could i do this?

p.s thank you to all those that answered the last part appreciate it loads! Read More »

I have felt like I could relate to some symptoms of ADD for years, but have refused to be tested (costly, time, wanting to fix it myself, not wanting a school to think I'm being tested as a crutch or a way to get any sort of accomdations). (I'm in my 20s. Usually have been a good student with a 4.0, except this year... haven't been able to focus.)

Anyway, I was wondering if people with ADD Read More »