It feels good being able to come on here and get some feed back on things i havent been able to talk about. I am 25 and have severe anxiety, ptsd and struggle with deppresion. i was also diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, which i disagree with. and i was diagnosed with symptoms of ADHD, they said they couldnt diagnose me with adhd because of other issues i was having, they werent sur Read More »
My seven year old was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD during his first grade year. He was having difficulty completing assignments, appeared to lack confidence, and would state he didn't know how to complete an assignment after instructions had been given. His teacher emphasized his lack of attention. He did not exhibit any hyperactivity issues and got along well with others. His doctor prescribed Stratt Read More »

Well, I suppose I'll say that I have a suspicion that I could have ADD or ADHD, but I'm not quite sure. I'm 15 years old and I'm a girl. I've mentioned it to my parents before, but they always disagree. Of course, that could be because of several reasons.
I've read that small children with the disorder are usually pretty hyperactive. My parents are always telling me how wild and crazy I was. So Read More »
Hi. I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me if what I've been experiencing could be ADD. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder many years ago, but these symptoms are more recent and do not seem to me to be related to my bipolar disorder. I've been having a lot of trouble when I try and carry on conversations with other people. It has become very difficult for me to process what th Read More »
At age 39 I figured out all my problems stemmed from moderate ADHD symptoms. Despite my lifelong struggles I’ve managed to raise strong healthy teenagers. When they were little it was all about keeping them safe, healthy and happy. Now it’s another story…parenting teens requires another level of focus. How am I going to coach my teens to be functi Read More »
I was sure I had ADD/ADHD, but when tested was told that I don't. When I take written quizzes, it always shows that I do, and when I read the symptoms, I think "that is me!" Many of the tests the psychologist conducted were of the "puzzle" or "math" type. For me, puzzles, cards, math, etc. are the only things that I CAN focus on. If I could do Read More »
hi, i was wondering if anyone could possibly help me here or give any suggestions. im a 19 year old female.& according to this websites quiz on adult add, its highly likely that i have it. i do aggree because on looking up the symptoms i do have all of the inattentive ones and a few of the others. i know for a fact that ive had these symptoms for Read More »
wait forgot my question.....................
oh is ADD/ADHD a learning diability or a mental illness? cause i here one from one site and another well on another site.
and is it genetic? cause i swear my mom has ADHD, and she admitted to both me having it and herself.
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I'm a 24 year old student and I have a hard time concentrating on ANYTHING. Not just school related but in life in general. I will try to read a chapter that is about 40 pages long. If I don't understand a specific paragraph I will not read the rest of the chapter. I just give up or lose interest. While reading I will often think of others things Read More »
some incidents i frequently face:

While travelling i try to remember road map but i just lost focus..and forget that i had to keep track and remember it.

I cant do repetitive job . I am always trying to improve and find new ways, solutions. I delegate things to others.But i am lazy.

I feel uneasiness while getting water bottle filled up Read More »