I am 23 years old. After browsing online for many days about adhd I came to know i have adhd form childhood.i am seeking help for ADULT ADHD natural treatment. Any natural treatment or diet treatment will help. I had taken medicine for adhd but it happens to be worse. Thank you for your concern regarding this adhd patient.

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I want to know why i think and feel the way i do. It seems that anyone i meet doesnt really understand me. I dont have many friends, and im distant with the ones i have, and also my family. I cant meet new people, and time im in a new environment and simple conversation is required, the pressure of how someone will negatively judge me cripples my Read More »

All my life (im 22) Ive had a short attention span,trouble concentrating and have been very attention seeking, also my mum used to be horrible to me, call me horrible things,put me down alot,break my things,pick on me etc, when i got to 18 i moved out and began sofa surfing until i lived in several hostels, dabbled with drugs and alcohol not worki Read More »
I would like to ask those with Adult ADHD or ADD what kind of medications work the best for you?
I believe I am undiagnosed ADHD, and am currently on anti-depressants for other reasons. The meds have been helping, somewhat, but only in very limited areas. Which makes me believe that there is more involved here than depression. I am going to my Read More »
So far this school year i have been getting okay grades likes 2 A's and the rest B's. Well i feel like im learning nothing in my classes and i dont know if it is me or the teacher ..is adhd (if i have it) affecting my school work Read More »
my boyfriend has add.is it common to have relationship problems? sometimes i feel like things are going well and other times i feel as though i am intruding in his life.
i really care about him and do not know what to do.he also is on no medication for this problem.HE will say things like i want you to be with me when i pick things out for my hou Read More »
I am 22 year old guy whose having problems of - lack of self confidence, nervousness, poor ability to recall names, route to places visited, carelessness and day dreaming.. Kindly suggest me with remedies for the same.

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Im 29 years old and i think i have ADHD. I cant seem to focus on anything long enough to understand it. I enjoy cooking and art. I have been to both cooking and art school but didnt finish either and i owe so much because it was like my mind kept switching stations. i tried to focus but i couldnt and by the time i came back from my mind trips i wo Read More »
I'd like to know to ease the sudden stoppage of amphetamine wihdrawal. Read More »
I need to know where i can get help for my son.He has no job,no longer covered on my health insurance.He is currently in jail for party to a crime,he gets out next month.Has no place to live, no (drivers lic.)Are there any programs, anything for people with such problems.I don't want to see him living on the streets.I have a younger daughter (13) Read More »