I have a teenage son who was diagnosed with ADD and took the medication for almost four and 1/2 years and was very successful in the classroom. My son made on an average a 3.2 grade point and has decided to stop. He has found it difficulty to stay focus, but his father does not want him on the medication. What advice or suggestions can be made to Read More »
I have been dating this guy for 3 months. Into the second month his business was struggling and there were internal problems with his partner. He completely shut down for days and wouldn't go to the office or answer his phone. At first I thought he was immature, but not sure now. I have found out that he takes adderall for adult ADHD and have not Read More »

I was diagnosed with ADD at the age of nine, and I can tell you it isnt gone. People do not understand how much of a struggle it is, and make fun of ADD and what not... But it isnt only my lack of attention, but the way I am socially, and emotionally. I start things and cant seem to finish, have no interest and oh too many things, and it just isnt Read More »
He is being treated for ADHD, but I know that he has a genetic link for schizophrenia, and bi-polar disorder. Could the voices he hears screaming in his head that he says won't leave him alone, be an early indication that he has schizophrenia? Read More »
How can i deal with my ADHD. i love my wife to death but here lately it has gotten where I'm angry over the little things and having a hard time siting down with her. and talking. now i was diagnose with ADHD when i was a child but my mother took me off of it. because of something my sister-in-law told her. Now my main question is how do i deal w Read More »
how can i do this it hard with attention deficit disorder i cant keep up! its hard to pay attention and stay focus long enough to even read the anwsers to everyone questions i get lost how can i deal with this?? Read More »
Sons behaviour is out of control. He is very angry,cusses,screams,yells,cries,beats himself in the face.This all takes place in the mornig before his A.D.H.D meds take effect. I don't know if the behaviour and mood swings are related to his Bi-polar or his A.D.H.D.? What can I do to help him? Are there different Types of A.D.H.D and bi-polar? Read More »
what should i do ?
i kinda want help, but
im really young , and ive
never really told anyone ,
and i sure dont plan on
telling my mom!
any advice ? Read More »
Hi, I am 27 years old and finally realized that my symptoms are textbook! I knew something was going on with me, but I thought it was a hormonal thing until I realized I behave just like my 5 year old son that is showing symptoms of ADHD. I called my aunt who is a special ed teacher last week and she advised me to call my pcp. I got lucky! Called Read More »
I am on 150mg of Bupropion XL(Wellbutrin). I have noticed a little bit of a difference but I think the dosage isn't high enough. I am not as impulsive as I was and I can focus a little bit better but not like I should be able to from what I have read. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Read More »