I am writing here for the purpose that I could get help from people who are going through the same thing that I'm going to or anything relative.
Basically I have not been diagnosed with any anxiety though my GP but I am very sure I have anxiety. The symptoms are mixed with general anxiety symptoms and a little bit of OCD. Obviously its not normal but has anyone experienced different symptoms from different mental disorders, as far as I can remember the last two years I have gone through allot and I don't feel like telling anybody about it. I feel lazy cant concentrate at university even tho Read More »
I have never been diognosed or treated for any kind of mental illness. For awile i have experienced a out of body feeling. My thoughts just dissapear, my mind just goes blank and i feel like im gone for awile. Like i just lost a piece of time. I can't remeber a lot even if it was 5min ago. I Sometimes have auditorial and visual distorted haullucinations. At times im calm and mabye sad about something, the next im kinduv hyper and i can't sit still. I sleep to much or i have trouble sleeping. Im lightheaded alot and dizzy, sometimes it makes me ? reality. I feel sick alot. At times i want to s Read More »

I am 21, and have a 6 month old son with my 25 year old boyfriend. He was a bit of an accident, especially since Dustin and I no intentions of ever having children, but is now the joy of our lives.
Dustin and I never wanted to marry either, but it has become frequent topic as of late.

I'm not so sure about it. I have some pretty terrible baggage that he's aware of (for the most part), a lot of which could hinder me from being a good mother, a could-be good wife, and a happy person in general.

I have a lot of "daddy issues", far too extensive then to be explained easily, but the Read More »
I am trying to understand the following behavior in a adult. Can it be related to mental illness

*attention seeking behavior (banging objects to get attention, intense starring and other weird behavior)
*over dramatising events and being very excitable/emotional
*very nervous behavior (jumping about, shaking, stuttering etc)
*Erratic behavior/attitude to others

Also how do you deal with such behavior, which can be stressful, challenging and confusing for others (such as myself)?

Read More »
i generally feel dat in every day life,we find many such things that upset us,many things we dont like.how should one cope vd such situations? i get disturbed at small issues related to managment.how to keep urself calm and deal wd unexpectd things and unwanted events? Read More »
Please read it:'(

So this was my first relation i was 14 when one of my relative proposed me, I was like comon weronica he's just your cousin just say yes,, so my answer to him was yes,as I was 14 I realy wasn't mature at all, but slowly when I turned 15 I realy started loving him a lot:'(
He's 2 years elder to me,he lied me many times that he doesn't flirt around with girls and etc etc.. I beleived him,, but one day I got to know his facebook password I broke into pieces he had flirted with so many girls etc.. So then I just texted him its over,, but I never told him the truth what I saw Read More »
I feel as though my brain and my body are two separate people when it comes to emotions. My body shows responses to the emotions (ex. smiling when happy, heart racing when scared or when loving my child, pit in stomach feeling when something frightening just happened, laughing at funny things) but my mind won't recognize the actual emotions. I haven't always been like this but it started around 15 months ago right after I had my baby. Sometimes, things also feel very unreal to me. I suffer from depression, anxiety and I'm pretty sure paranoia. My anger is actually the only emotion my mind see Read More »
I am a hard working person that is going through alot of live changes. I am to the point where i want to drop my job and give my kids to their dad and start my life over. I never had a childhood so i was forced to grow up fast. I am at a job that is working me harded than a Mcdonalds microwave. I have notice that over the past few months i have made myself happy by doing things i want to do and disreguarding the consequences. Like gambling shopping,drinking,paying my rent late, not paying bills.It like i am some kind of rebel or something. When the deed is all said and done i find myself in Read More »
i hate being shy, i have alot of friends, and im fine around them, but in class or in public places im so different and i dont like talking infront of people. when my teacher asks me a question i just shrug my shoulders, because when i answer i just shutter and cant get my words out, i go all red and hot and feel so stupid, like everyones looking at me, thinking bad about me, i hate it. Sometimes people say to me why do you never talk?and why you so shy?its weird. it makes me so sad, and when i get home i just cry in my room.
ive had a few boyfriends, and they all dump me because im shy, the Read More »
good day!
i am a 20 year old female, i've been looking for a descent job for like a year but companies doesn't accept me, they always reject me. right now i'm so pressured of how i can help my parents because they really need financial help and i'm still living with them the fact that i'm the eldest child. i feel so lame i can't even contribute anything to them and i always ask money from them every time i go for a job interview, i'm such a failure that i can't pass the initial interview and always feel like i just wasted the money that should've gotten for the bills, i'm always asking myse Read More »