I'm worried that I'm not open enough. Or that I may be heartless. I used to be open but that was when my grandmother was alive. She has been gone six years and it still worries me that I'm not open with my feelings. I can listen to others all day long but when it comes to expressing myself my true self I turn into this person that really isn't me. It's like a defense mechanism and I'm trying to get through it but I don't seem to know what the right steps are. I have asked my closest friends and they don't know what to say to my questions. What worries me most is that when i see someone in nee Read More »
My last relationship left me feeling very down. He has bipolar disorder but has only been diagnosed in December. I knew it before he got to the psychiatrist.
It was the toughest thing I have ever done and I was beyond drained, still am. One day he was so good to me, then he disappeared. There were anger outbursts, emotional abuse, binge drinking and smoking. He was narcissistic when manic, completely hopeless when depressed. Every single day I tried to keep up, tried to understand what I could do, tried to make sense out of his behaviour.
It was March when I last heard of him. At first I Read More »

Hi, I'm Nikki obviously. For the past year I've noticed that I always seem to have shaky hands. I thought it was cause I didn't eat but then I noticed it more frequently. My hands are ALWAYS shaking and I don't know why. I told my mom and she thinks it may b a thyroid problem (it runs in my family) and my cousin thinks it could also b that or anxiety. My cousin had anxiety and she's barely taking pills for it now. My hands shake even more so when I'm sad, scared, nervous, or even when I'm mad at times. Believe me, I'm not exaggerating when I say they're shaking all the time. I want to go to t Read More »
Hello guys of PCA

My name is Clif. For 6 years now, I have been writing's songs (nearly over 700) and now I think I have developed a psychological dependence on the sensation and process of writing for doing this long. The big problem really is that I don't/never really had a life since I started writing the songs. I think the problem is really letting other people down because I always try to study very hard and learn the material in school, and that ways down on alone time. This has called a late social development and social life. I've never got to live by teenhood and childhood (becaus Read More »
ok so this has been happening the past few nights... i get wicked paranoid if someone isnt in the room with me or im not talking to someone on the phone... i can be texting but i still get paranoid. i usualy love the night and dont mind being alone alot unless i have nothing to do and i get overly bored but im at my aunts house and im out of school till the end of the month and im somewhat anti social and i dont go out much and havnt been out much (i dont know if this has to do with it but i felt the need to add it) and i start hearing noises and seeing things and freaky stuff is happening.. Read More »
Ok I'm,16, since my sister died I haven't been able to go to school and have been afraid to leave my house. I've been going to therapy for over 2 years I believe, after my sister died, I'm on anti-depression and anti-anxiety medication and I've been getting better but I realize some of my anxiety towards going out is because of men. Im starting to over come it but whenever I go out I obsess over how I look, if people are watching me, if they find me attractive, if someone was to look at me too long I would freak, if someone doesn't find me attractive I also start obsessing or trying to figure Read More »
Hi, so last year I was in ninth grade and everything was fine. Normal. Then at the end of the school year this girl told the entire school I had sex with her boyfriend and I was pregnant and even some of my friends believed it. I had strep throat. I don't want to go back to school in a month, I'm miserable just thinking about it, I don't understand why my mom won't let me change schools or be homed school, I feel fat also, I'm 5,2, 128. I don't feel pretty I have everything. I'm so miserable and no one cares, no one understands, I can not to back to school with this girl and everyone talking Read More »
Ever since I was little everything had to be balanced and perfect. My cleanness, the way I dress... Lets just say I was like Mr. Monk in that cop show, except worse. Thank the Lord my God I finally have gotten control of THAT aspect of OCD but now itäs even worse. Recurring thoughts. It was a couple of days ago when I was reading the Bible and stumbled on Blasphemy against the Holy spirit and looked it up after wards to see what this sin might be.... After reading it I just couldn't stop the recurring thoughts no matter hos hard I would try. Please, please, please tell me what I can do about Read More »
I've just left school and I'm going to go to college at the end of August and I'm so scared about it. My "friends" have recently broken off our friendship and now I have no friends. I have a really bad stammer which stops me from talking to people because they make fun of the way I talk. I went for an advice day last week and all the girls knew each other and I was the only one who didn't know anyone. I'm also scared about makin friends because I'm only 5ft tall and people make fun of my height. I feel really scared and I get upset whenever I think about going to college and having no one the Read More »
I'm really scared about my 15 year old twin sister. She keeps talking to herself and claiming that a woman called "Andrea" is saying horrible things to her like "Someone's behind you", "What's that in the closet? There must be someone in there..." when my sister turns round, there's no one there and there's nothing in her closet apart from clothes.
She cries a lot and she keeps on seeing these hooded figures like the Grim Reaper that appear in doorways and follows people around but when she goes towards these hooded figures, they disappear. She's been to see a psychologist and they say that Read More »