I'm 20 and I've had a rough life. I'd relay it all to you but that's what my therapist is for. Anyways, the short of it is I grew up in an environment devoid of positive emotion, meaningful relationships, and with a split family of highly dysfunctional people everywhere I look. In a lot of ways I'm one of the more stable persons in the group, which I commonly refer to as "The Wolf Pack". My mother and father divorced when I was nine, and my father has been married twice since then. My mother was always wisplike and distant, while my father has always seemed shallow and overbearing. The two st Read More »
After 11yrs, was let go of my job 2 years ago. Was on unemployment This spring the govt abruptly cut my benefits and others in the same benefit category. I have no income, still unemployed, realize my age a factor.
I'm on some public assist., but nothing to help with rent. My world if falling apart. This emotional trauma has devistated me.
Difficult to job search.

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I'm 35, mother of a 13 yr. old son, recently re-married to an older man. Have a family background of 'not so normal' family that always keeps problems 'in the family.' My son is ADHD, ODD, etc, and grew up around drug use and domestic violence. About 2 years ago, we got out and moved where noone knew us to start over. For awhile things got a lot better for us... We adopted a hands off policy, set 'normal rules' for the house, and started learning boundaries. My health has always been not so great, have messed up discs in my back and hypertension. Also, have always been a nervous person, and n Read More »
Hi there. I have been dealing with anxiety so bad I feel as if I am going crazy. I do see a therapist, am on medication and yet I feel like my life is out of control (though in truth my life is wonderful), and I feel guilty for feeling so miserable and unhappy. I am not ungrateful for my blessings, but I am sad, all the time. I don't like to be around other people, I don't want to "be" with my husband in "that" way, and I have just isolated myself to the point I feel I can't breath. I have a loving husband and family and don't know how to deal with this emotional pain. Some days I just want t Read More »
I can't stand being around people. I dread school assemblies, the thought of people sitting around me, crowding around me, looking at me, judging me. I tremble. Before my exam this morning, i checked the seating plan 4 times to make sure i had the right seat. If i need help in class i don't put my hand up and ask a teacher because the people around me will talk and think I'm stupid, they'll all sit there watching me whilst i ask the question. If I'm late for something, i'd rather not go atall because people will look and see me, judge me. I hate change, the first day of something/anything i'm Read More »

Just wanting peoples experience with their OCD and anxiety, My OCD is really starting to take over me, Iv just recently started lovan 20, and see a therapist.
I need to constantly wash my hands which has caused them to become so sore and bleed and burn when I wash again, i also check things over so so much it can take me half hour before leaving house and before going to bed need to repeat over and over and it's driving me crazy. I will wash my hands to calm down but its just the same thing over, Iv heard this medication will take time. Just wondering if anyone has the same problem a Read More »
Im 17 and pretty much ever since i remember ive had anxiety. But here resently ive realised how much it actually messes my life up. Before i never really thought much of it. Now i dont think most people have this much of it normally.

Like when i was about 10 i had it so bad that i was so anxious all the time. I remember crying for no reason and being afraid to go to sleep because i would have nightmares every night and wake up in an anxiety attack. I always felt like i was guilty and had to confess something to my mom sometimes i didnt even know what i was guilty about. Ths lasted a few mo Read More »
I'm such an idiot. It seems my cutting keeps getting worse and i dunno how it can get much worse without me killing myself. I'm gonna get help but i'm afraid i'll hurt myself too bad before then. and i'm scared 'cause i'm practically nocturnal and if i did bleed to death probably no one would even find me for at least a day... that makes me sad.
why the hell is nothing making me stop? I sit here watching myself bleed and thinking i could die if i keep going... then i cut myself again. am i crazy?
I really hate myself now :( I got so mad at myself for cutting myself that i cut myself... I'm Read More »
I've been skinny for my entire life, literally. I'm used to people thinking I'm anorexic. When my friends complain about their weight, they compare themselves to me. I love it.
Last summer I started gaining weight. I went from ninety-five lbs to 106. I freaked out. I stopped eating for a few days and I lost the weight. After that I would eat fine, but as soon as I went over 100 lbs I would stop eating until I got back to 95 lbs.
Around Christmas, I was depressed and I started eating less. I told a friend and she said if I didn't gain weight she'd tell my parents. So I started counting ca Read More »
I'm 26 year old male, an Engineering Graduate and working. The following problems are haunting me and greatly affecting my work and personal life. can anyone help?

1. Find it very hard remember and recall data.
2. Find it very hard to learn and remember new things. no matter how many times i read the same stuff, my brain doesnt seem to retain any information.
3. My mind goes completely blank and i seem to be lost when i need to get something done.
4. I cant remember even the works that i have done. if someone asks me if this was done by you or if this work is complete...i need to c Read More »