I'm really trying to stop cutting but I get so mad at myself 'cause I do it anyway, way too often. and then I'm really upset so of course I wanna cut... I don't know what to do when I'm upset except cut. and I can tell my bestie's patience is running out but I still can't stop. I'm such an idiot... and I'm gonna be a friendless idiot if I don't find something else to do...*bangs head on wall* stupid girl! Read More »
Nasty inbred white trash moved next to my mother, with their nasty habits.For morons that say they are buying the property they show no signs of cleaning up the house or property although they wife and kid are home all day. The wife is a habitual lier, the son a friggin retard and the husband looks and acts like a loser. They don't take care of the property which affects our house, I trapped all the cats the lying bitch said were'nt hers and were crapping, pissing and vomiting in our yard. I contacted code and city and they are worthless bastards. I can only hope they move on to be a pain in Read More »

i want to know that thus there is any single medication which is used to recover/ treat the overall anxiety? Read More »
I'm so anxious to do something different in my life but I'm just waiting for the next chapter.

My mom originally wanted to put the house up for sale in April. She wants to move to a different city which is fine with me. But it's in the middle of May, and she told me that we won't begin to put the house up for sale until the Fall, when my sister moves out and goes to college.

But I am going insane just waiting for that day to come, several months from now. Right now, I'm just sitting here, not going to school currently, and I work 12 hours a week. Bored out of my mind, going crazy, ve Read More »
I've been prescribed Lovan 20mg and I'm worried that this is the wrong medication for me. I've been reading some patient reviews of this drug and it's all bad. Vomiting, headaches, weight gain, lack of motivation, drowsiness, worse anxiety :/

I've been on anti-depressants before, such as: zoloft and lexapro. Didn't notice any changes except that the zoloft made me feel a bit sick.

Have you taken Lovan or are you currently taking it? Read More »
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years. We were room mates before we became partners and he was in a 7 year relationship when I moved in. His girlfriend at the time had moved over seas for a scholarship for 2 years. They were attempting a long distance relationship. Within 3-4 weeks of me living with my 'room mate' we became lovers. He broke off his relationship of 7 years to be with me. He confided in me that he had cheated on his girlfriend several times and previous girlfriends before. He also told me that he was a very good liar. He wanted to leave this bad behavior behi Read More »
I'm keeping this short because I'm a little out of it right now.

I have had a history of social anxiety as far back as i can remember. Lately though, i've been experiencing some really crazy symptoms. My mind seems to be in chaos all the time. I wake up on my own after 4 hours of sleep cold and scared. Sometimes I just feel scared for no reason..like i'm on the edge of completely losing it and freaking out. Sometimes I have no physical symptoms and its all purely in my head. Other times they feel completely physical, like i'm choking or my heart is going to stop, sometimes i get skip Read More »
How could I persuade a person to get help for BDD that he denies is the problem. He is at the point of not leaving his house or wanting to be seen. He was a normal functioning adult before he had rhinoplasty because of a dorsal hump on the bridge of his nose that he was just a little uncomfortable with. Needless to say the surgeon didn't do a very good job. He had a revision which I have read that is not uncommon and there are still little issues. I see the problems that bother him but I don't see that he should be reacting the way he is. He thinks the problems are more noticeable that Read More »

Today, I went into my first visit to my very first experience of going to a therapist. I knew I needed therapy due to because the issues that I'm dealing in my life which is making me feel like crap since when I was a child. I found my therapist on the internet and I know that it's not a good choice however, I didn't know where else to find one. She has good education and seems to have good experience helping people. I actually had met a therapist for 30 minutes before however, that one I feel like she's really numb and I didn't like her so I chose this one out of the oth Read More »
Okay so Im what you called rather socially awkward despite my outgoing nature/ being heavily into the performing arts. What I would like to ask is for some tips on how to make friends easier, and how to hang out with acquaintances one on one without it being awkward.
I also tend to get brain blanks because I guess I get anxiety about the situation which doesnt improve my performance in the conversation. Read More »