in the past 4 years first my mother dies within a week from several heart attaches and strokes, followed by my sister dying of cancer (my family and Read More »
I have a friend who is hitting his head with his fists--not too much, but probably 3-5 times period in his whole life time. Read More »

Before 2/6/07 I was a 66 yr old woman who could handle everything and anything. Everyone came to me for help and answers. I was handling all of the Read More »
I have had a pretty extensive work up except some things getting done next week. I have no friends because i just moved back home, I have no interest Read More »
I feel as if people are constantly talking about me, laughing at me, or just looking at me strangely. In situations at work, driving, using the batroo Read More »
I'm young and have had alot of things happen. I was sexually abused through much of my teenage years and was completely manipulated. Our family has Read More »
Lately I've been really stressed out thanks to school and some other things in my life that are bothering and the panic attacks I thought had gone a Read More »
I am confused about my mind. My whole life my mind will stick on one topic for months or even years at a time. It isn't even usually a worry its jus Read More »
Hello...the past week or so I was worried about becoming schizophrenia...and I felt sureallness and thoguht that people or I werent real...and also I Read More »
i am hot tempered,i get angry easily,i feel angry all the time and dont know why,someitmes i know why but i feel this internal anger just sitting the Read More »