I don't know if I have an anxiety issue. I was always told that I constantly worry too much. But then I always have a very strong belief in what I think especially when something bad is going to happen. Or if I feel like something is wrong, then something is wrong!

I've been suffering from anger and stress due to my mother and many family problems. In short, I have a sister who has no remorse of what she does and she constantly treats me bad. My mother, who has no mother figure and no character. She's really blunt and ignorant and dumb. She never takes actions even if it's abo Read More »
ok im 19. when i was younger i used to have a little episode every once and a while were i felt weird all of a sudden. its hard to explain but it was like i wasn't real all of a sudden. it seemed like flouresent lights triggered it alot of times. and trying weed for the first time made it worse. i dont smoke it at all and haven't in years. the feeling caused panic and made me feel like i needed to get away to myself.
over the years ive had problems with it come and go but recently they have gotten really bad.
its on a daily basis. quite a few times a day. i also feel depressed and people Read More »

So, recently I haven't been feeling the same buzz I used to have, mostly for school. I have become so lazy when it comes to studying, I used to have this keenness for studying and I actually wanted to study. Now I am sort of worried that I won't pass my exams and I won't get my C grades that I need to do proper college. I know I have to do the work and I genuinely am a hard worker, but that spark that was in me has just disappeared. I am also paranoid that my friends don't really like me because they barely ever contact me on Facebook to ask me to join them on an outing, yet they seem to like Read More »
Ok so Ive never been much of a social person. I mmean, Ive tried but Ive never quite fit in ever, and all when I was growing up my parents would give more attention to my younger sibling, and my friends would ditch me so I would be alone. A good handful of my close friends in highschool randomly stopped hanging out with me and cut most contact, the person I thought was my best friend told me that we never were close at all then stopped talking with me for 3 monthes....My family are in no way close at all.... Ive had bad experience, Ill say that.

So what my issue is here is that now I have Read More »
I'm a nineteen year old guy, a middle child of two sisters. I live at home with my mother and younger sister. Currently, I'm not going to school. I did go to a community college for two semesters, but I dropped out leaving me currently without any more education than a high school diploma.

My older sister, 25, lives somewhere with her boyfriend, I guess. She goes to graduate school and recently scored a really nice job working for a health insurance organization.

And my younger sister recently got accepted into a state school. While she attends college, she won't be living at home, Read More »
when i was in 8th grade i went on a retreat and everything was fine but one night on the retreat everyone was in this big room sitting on the floor and everything was fine and the counselors were telling us a story i felt ok nothing wrong with me then all of a sudden my stomach started hurting wierdly and i felt like i was gonna have diarrea and poop my pants or something then bam i started farting loudly and i couldnt control it and i was getting all sweaty. this has never ever happened to me before. it was the wierdest thing ever..and after that my life has been a living hell.everyday at sc Read More »
I have always had this problem inside me. Whenever anyone does something nice for me, I never know if just plainly saying 'thank you' to that person, is really good enough for anything they gave me. Like when I have a birthday, and my family get me a present, when it's family, I just don't know what to say. They're my family, and because of that, I just don't know how to express my my huge love I feel for them. Like for me, just seeing them happy, makes me so happy for that. Whenever they are all joking together, sometimes my body just feels like laughing with them, even when I absolutely hav Read More »
Okay lately, (within the past 7 months) I have been more on edge than normal, I have mild OCD and mild schizophrenia so I have always been sorta tense. My hands start sweating, I get the shivers and goose flesh, my heart rate goes WAY up and I have a small break down and can't breath. My psychiatrist has been very nonchalant about it and it is really making me nervous and angry the only thing he has done so far is given me different medicine, I was on Abilify but now I am on Zyprexa. I have already tried quitting coffee, that's one of the things he said to do. Should I tell him I want to ma Read More »
Although I’ve asked this kind of question before on websites without much help, I thought it might be worth asking it on here to see if anyone can provide support for me.

Sex is my absolute worst fear of all time. It’s near panic attack/phobic for me. What I find frustrating is that there are almost no resources available online for this, especially not resources for male victims of sexual abuse. (I am male survivor of childhood sexual abuse in addition to being on the autism spectrum.)

A few months ago I viewed some pornography online to see what sex is like and how it works - MY GOD Read More »
I drink a lot, and it is the only thing that has kept me sane? When I was younger, before I started drinking, I was extremely angry and suffered from great anxiety. When I was 23 I started drinking pretty regularly, and within about a year I started getting my life in order. I got married and I have been married for years in a wonderful relationship. I finished school and got a great job. I was homeless as a teenager and now I own multiple houses. All in all things are actually pretty good for me.

But the amount of alcohol consumption is starting to have noticeable affects on my health. No Read More »