okay so I am 19 and im lesbian i have a girlfriend i just got out of a bad 3 year relationship with a girl and when i was dateing her i felt myself getting real attached when she would leave i would fight with her because i didnt want her to go. when we would sleep i would wake up clenching her bc i had a bad dream about her leaveing me. when she broke up with me i was real depressed but i got over it bc i met a new girl whom im dateing now. when we first started dateing i toldmy self that i would never let my self hurt like that again so i thought i was fine but now im finding the same issue Read More »
I am not happy any more. I cannot find joy in things anymore. I cant seem to get up and do things as much. I dont find interest in anything. I dont know what happened whats wrong or how to fix it. I have been to drs psychologists and counselors. can you please give me some insight. some hope. Read More »

What's the difference between Social Anxiety Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder? I have quite a lot of the symptoms of both disorders. And I'm having a hard time trying to find out what's the difference between the two. Read More »
Hi, so first off is this a real diagnosis? Please answer this. Ok so, I've never been comfortable in social situations. This started happening a little over 3 years ago. I'm 13 and i'll be 14 this year. Whenever I have to talk or even in the presence of social events where I have to take part, I sweat, shake, my stomach hurts, i can't focus, i get headaches. It's severe and terrible. Also, I've grown up without a father. Being social makes me panic and freak out. I need help. Do i have social anxiety disorder? If yes, how do I get help? Thanks Read More »
My mother is in her 50's and I am 26. I am in a long-term relationship with a man and we have an infant son together. My mother is divorced and I am the oldest of three. Due to the current economic climate, my boyfriend, my son and myself live with my mother. We pay half of everything on top of our own bills. We are not free loading.

Since my step-father left our family when I was 16, my mother has relied on me for a lot of things. I helped her get the guff to get a job and find a smaller house. She did not fight my step-dad in court for money or for custody of my brothers. She has a his Read More »
Dear readers,
My name is Lacey, I am a girl, and I am currently 16 and 10 months old. I am on the maximum dosage of an anti depressant and anxiety medication. It is march and I haven't been to school since October, the school is working on an Iep for me. I already did all the testing for it but it still taking a long time for it to be put in place. I will be going to a new school sometime after they finalize the Iep. I see a therapist weekly and a psychologist every few months. I have no friends. I had friends when I was younger, about up to 3rd or 4th grade, then they started to make new fr Read More »
It seems like mine has. Read More »

I was told by my old therapist that there's a possibility that I could have social anxiety disorder. I wasn't all too sure about that because I've never had a panic attack before. When I see the word ''anxiety'', I automatically think panic attacks. I know that I'm socially inept and awkward, but I was just wondering if it is possible to have S.A.D and not have panic attacks? Read More »

Is it Generalized Anxiety Disorder? Is it depression? Is it Social Anxiety Disorder? Or is it that I just think too much?
I don’t know.

It’s been more than a year when I am afraid of almost everything I do. I’ve become so self-conscious that I think what I do is always wrong and I’m giving people a reason to laugh at me. It wasn’t the same a few years back. I did not experience such fear before like I do now. Now, I become afraid when I get up in the morning as to how my day will go in school- obviously bad, and then I think that I won’t do anything that would make people mock at me. Th Read More »

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