I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't know where to start so I guess I'll start from the begining.

When I was in 4th and 5th grade I remember being very lonely and it made me upset. My Dad was also dealing with an alcohol addiction at the time. Before he got help I tried to stay quiet and out of the way at home because I didn't want to be around him (maybe this affects how I interact with people now.) Around that time my Mom took me to therapy and they diagnosed me with OCD. After therapy I felt much better and pretty much over my disorder.

In 7th grade I became extremely depresse Read More »
Okay, I know this might not be the best place but I really don't have anywhere to turn to.
I've just been really weird lately. Like I cant sleep, I'll just lie awake for HOURS staring at the wall, or fiddling with my hair. And I'll be walking down a hall alone or surfing the internet and feel something staring at me or a finger trace my back and I'll flip out and turn around and THERE IS NOTHING THERE.Or I'll walk past the basement stairs and I swear that I saw a man standing there but when I do a double take, he was never there. Or I'll hear the dog bark and mention it to my mother and she Read More »

Recently I had my first full blown panic attack. I have had many times in my life where I know I have been close. What I used to think were panic attacks are just tiny ones compared to this one. I actually had to get another teacher, leave my classroom, and visit the nurse. Since then I have had many blow ups at my fiance. Over the past year or two I have started pulling out my eyebrows in times of stress. Recently when I am arguing with my fiance I have been grabbing chunks of my hair and pulling. I never try to pull my hair out, just enough pressure for it to hurt. There have been s Read More »
Im 15 years old, and ever since I can remember I've always been introverted (loner). I feel a need to be away from people, and outside of school I do nothing but stay alone in my room. Every time I make an attempt to do something like go to the mall I only end up having a panic attack. I know I'll never be a social person like my friends. When Im in school I do actually have a good amount of friends, I have a good sense of humor, get great grades (have a 4.0 average) and I have fun hanging around my friends, but I still feel an internal want to be back in my room alone. I havent had many rel Read More »
theres this group of guys at my school(about half the boys basketball team) and for some reason they're really mean to me. i hate when i have to walk past them in the hallway. they all stop and stare at me and make me feel really uncomfortable and sometimes they laugh. i try really hard to ignore them but it always seems to get the best of me. i spend literally my entire day at school being self conscious and thinking that everyone is looking and judging me. it really sucks.
it was my birthday and no one knew because i dont have much friends and i never told the people that i talk to at scho Read More »
I am either extremely happy or I am doubting myself.
My mind is always wandering about the many things that I have to do, and I always seem to push away the people that I love, making excuses not to hang out with them or going on a date with the boys that ask me, no matter who they are.
When I'm really happy, I can't place why. I just feel giggly and my mind feels jumbled. Even after I try writing things down and talking it out, I feel like I'm waiting for something. I can't sleep when I'm like this and I have trouble listening to other people.
When I'm sad, I don't know why. I will feel Read More »
since 6th grade ihave began to think deep about my consciousness and what i am. this has led to very disturbing and scary results. it has lead to countless panic attacks and never ending anxiety. its like i can get to a point where my consciousness and self doesnt mak sense. its like theres 2 people or no one at all. it goes through bad cycles which i have now been in for 5 months since my last panick attack... now i continue to go through it in my head and its scary. its worse when im alone i cant even drive down backroads alone. i can never escape it because i can never escape my conscious Read More »
why am i scared of everything but cant show it my feeling are stuck inside me and they never show no matter if im happy sad scared mad........... dont tell me go tell a adult i cant trust them pleeeeese any oter advice. Read More »
i have had general anxiety as long as i can remember. ive been on celexa for a while now which has helped significantly. when i was younger i would often get panic attacks but have grown out of them.

i am in my third year of college now and my anxiety seems to be getting the best of me. for some odd reason, my anxiety is far worse now than it was when i was an incoming freshman...the transition did not trigger any form of anxiety whatsoever. this past year my 2 closest friends here have gotten boyfriends. since then i feel like our whole social dynamic has changed....change is a huge facto Read More »
I've always had a worry problem. When I was 9 I remember not sleeping because I was afraid the nuculear power plant by are house was goin to explode. But I had to pick a time all my worrying started to get bad it would probably be 2-3 years ago. I was 13 or 14 then and a family very close to me split up. Both parents became very weird, they divorced, and stopped associating with me and my family, soon after that I lost both them and 3 of their children as friends. But one of the kids decided he didnt want to lose us as friends. His dad became a drunk, he's treated badly and he has to work con Read More »