Hi im a fifteen year old boy who has always had trouble securing "friends". I ve been to eleven schools in fifteen years, not cause of academic or behavior problems but because my parents moved me. Many people say they love my attitude ,effort, kindness and funnyness( not sure if thats a word) but i always have felt left out, lonely or struggling to have "true friends". I can say i have never had a bestfriend, girlfriend or just a close group of friends i can rely on. I am one of the more popular kids in my grade and i play footbal and i love my team and talk to them and occasionally hang wit Read More »
Like many, i have developed trust issues over my young life and now I am at a point where i shut people out, get very secluded and very quiet. When i begin to get distant,an opportunity to change that comes along at times(like going to hang out with people) and i take it. I joke, laugh, join in conversation when i have something to say, make small talk. Anything i can think of to open up. Somewhere in the middle of it all i tighten up,get really distant and shy, wan to be alone and go off by myself without saying a word to anyone else for a while. I feel like my true self when i'm alone and s Read More »

When I was in elementary school, I had trouble making friends. I only ever had one, and he moved into my area when I was about 10. At the time, everyone else either ignored me completely, or teased me. When I was about 13 that one friend started doing the same and was actually one of the worst.

At this point I really had no one I would call a friend, and spent most of my time with my brother and his friends. Some might say they are friends of mine now, but I still see it as them putting up with me because I had nowhere else to go.

Throughout the rest of school, I was either invisible or Read More »
First I guess I should say that I'm a 20 year old male currently in college. My social anxiety started when I was in 8th grade. I had an incident where an ex girlfriend spread a nasty rumor about me that spread through the school and made my life pretty miserable for a while. Actually that's an understatement. My Mom pulled me out about 2 months early. I never finished. It was pretty bad. I guess one of the things about being alienated is that it doesn't go away very easily. I don't even really feel human sometimes.

High school wasn't much better than 8th grade but that was partly my faul Read More »
I love my boyfriend very, very much, but I am worried about him. Sometimes he has what I can only describe as SEVERE panic/anxiety attacks and they really scare me. It usually happens on just an average day...he'll wake up and be sort of fine, but I'll start to notice that he is immediately edgy. Not snappy necessarily, but short. Then, as the day progresses, it gets worse. He starts to get irrationally angry about very small things: the line at the bank taking too long, an over-due bill, someone not using their blinker. He will just start ranting and raving and swearing over these very Read More »
I have a long history of sexual abuse from 8 to 16. Everyone always ask me how did I deal with it, and I never have a clear answer. Because the truth is I would act like a character I wanted to be whether it was powerful or chipper. I would even have dialogue with some if not all of them. I could do it for hours, and then when my parents would ask I was doing all day I would forget. For years they thought I was lazy, but I wanted to do my chores I just got lost along the way.

I remember a time when I was contemplating on doing something bad, but I changed my mind. The next day I did it, b Read More »
Ok so should I start from when I had paranoid thoughts? Sure.
I remember when I was in primary school and I had an assembly. My school was a christian school so we were told to pray, we had to close our eyes. I refused as I thought they would put invisible injections in us to make us do as they say.. Crazy huh..
The paranoia stopped up until 2 years ago.. I got a new mirror of Ebay a man and his teeanger son came to my house to fix it together. A few months later I watched the 'Trueman Show',in it he has a camera in his mirror. I now believe I have one in mine. The man and son installed one Read More »
Hello, I'm 15 years old and I have G.A.D. which runs in both my father and mother family. I was just curious of some self-help vitamins and/or techniques to help relieve anxiety. I've looked up ways to relieve anxiety, gotten some advice from my mother (who has had G.A.D. for 20 years now), and I am taking magnesium and a multivitamin. These have been working, but like I mentioned, was wondering if there is anything else I can do to relieve my anxiety, and I figured there must be someone out there to have some good advice. Also, just a side note, please dont say therapy. Its just not my thin Read More »
I'm not sure why but for years I've always felt....watched. When I walk with or without people, I feel the need to look behind me, especially at night. There's also times when I feel like there's tiny camera's in the room I'm in watching me (this feeling usualy comes up when I'm in my house or at my aunts house)

Also when I'm at my house and I know for a fact I'm alone, I get frightened that someone is my house with me often. I can sleep outside without fearing this. Hell I can sleep in a freaking LAUNDRY ROOM without fear but for some reason my house scares me to be by myself alot. Not al Read More »

I have been in a long distance relationship with my guy. He suffers from panic attacks every once in a while (1 every few months).
He called me last week to tell me how he had spent the whole day at dealing with his panic attack and crying in between them.
I felt really helpless. I just want some advise on how to calm him and what to say to him when he's in that state. Read More »