I stumbled upon this website whilst I was researching bipolar. About 8 months ago I found myself extremely depressed, I was 17 and finishing my last year of school at the time. Since I can remember I have always thought that I may have suffered from a type of mental illness because I was continuously in and out of depression. It was this most recent time that I really began to worry. The details for me are a bit all over the place. I don't know why but I can't seem to put my finger on exactly what I was doing, that time period is some what of a blur to me. I stopped attending school and when Read More »
My girlfriend lied to me our whole relationship and cheated on me. She was placed in a bipolar mental hospital for teens, because she cut herself when i tried to talk to her about her cheating on me. With the medicine they give her will it help her to not lie and cheat on me or is she just a pathological liar? I don't know what to do! Read More »

im 56 years old married for 13 years. i have been in and out of mental hosap. for the past 10 years. nothing is helping. my husband tries to be my DR.i cant concentrate on anything but the fact that i am still on this planet, hurting inside so deeply and i ahve never been in such a black hole. why cant other people understand i dont want to be like this. i have had my brain shocked at least 15 times and they just screwed up my memory. i just want to stand on the highest point and yell: DONT YOU PEOPLE GET IT YET?????I dont pray for world peace, i pray i wont wake up. i hate the pain im in and Read More »
I'm a 47 year old female and I've been living with my 70 yr. old mother for the last four years, in her home. I'm bipolar with fibromyalgia and 3rd stage kidney disease and am very stable on my medications now. On disability I make $774/mo and see specialists throughout each month, which hinders me from working (part time), although I'd like to work at home if I could think of what I might do. I have a memory problem also.

The problem lies with my mother and I. We have a terrible relationship. I have a counselor who comes to my house once a week, and I'm very grateful for that. But Read More »
im 15 years old, I've been reading up on MPD/DID alot lately and I'm trying to figure out if I may possibly have it. I've had lots of problems with my parents wen I was younger. I still do now but its tollerable and its alot less worst then before. Since I was about 6 or 7 years old I created a person in my head I called her Aisha. I started imagining her life and even acting it out. She is exactly what I wish I could be. and also I talk to my self alot, in my head. to 3 people called Audrey brent and oliver. I even imagine there responses, when ever I need edvice I talk to them, I know ther Read More »
Without excessive detail, over the last YEAR my mum has been having a serious of fits which involve her shouting, screaming, crying insulting herself and alot of self abuse.. hitting scratching... drinking bleach (never excessive.. relatively speaking) taking paracetomols threatening herself with a knife etc. This has become such a regualr thing that they're no more shocking.

My mum is in a relationship with her partner for approx. 1.5 years. My mum has generally been known to be OCD in regards to her house.. cleaning etc. And has generally has ALOT of trust issues due to her marriage wit Read More »
I have been married to my husband for 29 years. He has bipolar 1 disorder (diagnosed since 1996)... we are both 50 years old. In recent years my husband has had several "breakthrough manic episodes" which are lasting longer. I'm looking for other wives who are walking through this who could support me, and I them. Read More »
I have a very dear close friend who had not been medicated properly with her bi-polar disease. Her doctor does not seem to listen to her and this has gone on for almost two years. She has wanted to attempt suicide twice in the past few months.
I have told her I want to go to her next physc appointment and talk with this doctor. I do not know much about bi-polar disease, however I am in NA and have seen people take their lives because of this disease.
From speaking with people, they say that she should be taken off all meds, while being in a hospital and start fresh??
I am so concerned Read More »
So i was diagnosed with bipolar. i was told i can maybe claim disability....but since i was not working at the time of the episode there may not be anything....
Anybody know something about this? Read More »
I fell like I live on top of a bouncing ball and I can't get off.
My mood is down and then up angae tin and then back down. I have not been able to control my mood with medication. Thanks to PC, I found a therapist. My first therapy since 1999. I don't know how long I can afford to pay for it, but today I have my first appointment. I am greatful.

Even when I feel good I know that the depression will find its way back again and then my mood will improve in an unending cycle. I know that I am bipolar and this is the signature of the dx, but is is tiering sometimes. It would be nice t Read More »