Mmmkay, I am 12, My name is savanna Race: White.Im bipoler. My life is very hard to write about but ill give you the basic things going on k?
See im in 7th grade I have always been made fun of called dirty mean names. I cry during school and all the kids say is, your so pathetic grow up And call me bad words. Im more mature than everyone else and i already know that. But, im not good enough for anyone wich brings me to when i get home... No guys like me yah know. I personally have a nice body,face,and personallity. But ive become kinda mean and aggresive because of what people do to me a Read More »
Need help I have a friend who suffers from bipolar and BPD The last couple of days she has been down which she can usually shake off and be ok Now she is not ok she has been self harming not alot. she brought a razor today a cheap one and the other day she cut herself in her day program in the bathroom which she does not do She has a habit of wanting to end it all and then she tends to feel better in a few days and then feels the same way again She did not cut today but she is smoking alot which she does not do Doctor took her off her anti depressant last week I do not know if I should urge Read More »

I know this is long but I seriously need help. I'm unsure whether I'm depressed or have bipolar or if I'm just want to be so I have a reason to be feeling/acting as I have. Ever since I was small I've been quite an angry person, I got in loads of physical and verbal fights(mostly with boys - I'm a girl)when I was in primary school and I was always under stress because I'm a carer to my disabled mum and people were always make fun of me and talking about me. I'm also very antisocial and shy so I don't usually socialise and will avoid conversation and even find it difficult to make simple conve Read More »
I am writing about my husband who had a TBI 6 years ago. It was a contra-coop (?) type injury. Ice skating accident. Not his first concussion. He was in NICU for 10 days, so it was very serious. He recovered very well physically. Mentally too, to anyone who would just meet him on the street. However, to me who is the only one who lives with him it is much different. He is very moody, gets angry about things that I don't understand, for instance he has terrible road rage but refuses to let me drive. He gets so angry at family about silly things and holds a grudge forever. He also seems to be Read More »
I was diagnosed with Bi polar 2 around three years ago. I am 34 years old and have suffered from depression since I was 16 years old. I now know it was the bi-polar. Over the last 2 years things have been spiraling down. My former doctor put me onto lithium , maximum dosage without doing any blood work. It took its toll. I began cutting myself. I quit my job several times. I destroyed all the relationships I had. I stopped seeing my doctor (psychiatrist) and started seeing my GP. He prescribed several new tablets for me and took me off the lithium. While I was going through the change in med Read More »
Can anyone please let me know their experience on the drug depakote. I know the side effects can be deadly and I am scared to death. Any and all help will be much appreciated. Also if you have drugs that work better for you with minimal side effects that I can go on instead.
PBEE Read More »
I have been with my husband for almost 7 years. We both have Bipolar he has bipolar 1 and I have bipolar 2. I knew getting into this relationship it would be work but I married him anyways. We fought a lot and while later I was pregnant with my first child, my husband ended up having an affair with a girl from work. I finally found out and I was devastated. We did end up staying together and ever since then I have been trying to get over this problem of his. He is always mad at me and always yelling at me.We had a second child and she is completely attached to him and he is with her too.He le Read More »
My daughter is 20 she left home 5 weeks ago moved in with a guy she only new 3 month. Now they are getting married. She has nothing to do with anyone that has been in her life for 20 years. She has not spoke to any family or friends since she left. Now im her mother and she is taking me to court to keep me away from her. She give her entire life up we have a non profit organization for handicap which she loved and gave it up. She is telling lie after lie about me. Dose this sond like bipolar? How long til she relizes she needs her amily not his. He tells me that she dont need me and yes I kno Read More »

I'm an early 30's rapid-cycling bpd guy who's looking to your wonderful community for some insight on my current mood and medication regime and wondering if I could get some help as I'm currently in a hypomanic phase.

First things first, always diagnosed as ADD or what-have-you through-out school, where I was the class-clown and acted out until high-school, where I faded into the background and just kind of existed.

In my late 20's I found through some family information that my grandfather on my mom's side was bipolar, and so I got tested first as it was something we never re Read More »
Hi out there,
I think my adult daughter who lives at home may be bipolar. I have looked up info on this and discovered many traits of hers are there. She is 21, works full time and recently graduated from a university w/her BA. WE (mom,Dad,Brother-19yr.) All thought she was just stressed. But now symptoms are becoming more noticable and her her attitude toward me & her brother is getting extreme with verbal abuse including anger tantrums with me....I believe I may be her "trigger"...she now thinks me annoying, fustrating and includes me to be ignorant. No physical abuse. Could get there poss Read More »