I was diagnosed with bipolar about a year ago. I have experienced a couple of manic episodes, and depression since early teens. Every time i get into these moods I have suicidal thoughts/ideations. I have been hospitalized 4 times, gone through IOP groups 3 times, and I have been seeing a cognitive behavioral speacilist since my first hospitilization.Even with all this help, these dooming feelings keep returning and my question is......is there ever a full recovery point where I will no longer experince any of these symptoms? I take my medication as perscribed and I thought I was stable, but Read More »
I was diagnosed with bipolar 28 years ago. I have experienced both ends of the spectrum, but not either end to the extent I am experiencing depression now. I am on medication and compliant. I see a psychiatrist 3 times a year. I do not have a therapist or counselor. Due to lack of insurance coverage for mental health, that isn't feasible for me.

I do not have a network of support in existence at this time. I have a lot of questions about the problems I am having right now, but no one to ask. The main thing bothering me right now is that I'm not quite sure I've got it together enough to kno Read More »

Last night my boyfriend shared with me that he had talked to his therapist about are plans to take a vacation, as he explained to her we've been fighting here and there... His therapist stopped him and told him so what happens if the fighting takes place on vacation she expressed her opinion that it would be best if he goes on vacation but not with your me. So he took her advice with out mentioning it to me and is going on vacation with his brother. so my question really is I'm i wrong for getting upset? I'm ok with him taking a trip, but to hear now that he canceled are plans cause of his th Read More »
Today was my breaking point; my 15 year old daughter hit me & drew blood. At 5 she was diagnosed with ODD. Saw a therapist & took drugs (trileptal, ritalin) off & on for a few years. No signs of depression. Steals from me, arrested for shoplifting a year ago, pathological liar, calls me every name in the book, brilliantly verbally rips me a new one once a week (she could be a great prosecutor),I sense she is performing,she likes to make it physical-has a grin on her face, talks 100 mph, defiant. Adopted in Russia at 10 months. Refuses to take any medication. Hypomania, conduct disorder? How d Read More »
Hi everyone, I don't exactly know how to condense my story and question, but I'll try.

Ever since I was 10, I've felt like I have been displaying some unusual symptoms. (I'm 16 now.) Sometimes, I feel like my brain is working overtime and I'm super productive and creative. For instance, I have been known to pull an all-nighter writing a 25 page essay when the required amount was only 5. Other times, I'll stay up late drawing complex pictures or writing several stories. Oddly, I'm never tired the next day, and sometimes it feels like I can do that for a few days in a row. When I feel like Read More »
We have an employee who does our payroll/financial for the company. She is bipolar and advised us of this after her first episode, a "down cycle" after about 2 months on the job. For over a year, she has been on her meds and has done fine. Recently, she went into another down cycle, started self-medicating and went into a hyper "up" cycle - she maxed out credit cards (her own), purchased many, many items, became severely active - not sleeping, hyper-sensitive at work, etc. This resulted in her having severe tremors. She is now on FMLA leave and each day, calls, wanting to come back to wor Read More »
So, my wife thinks i suffer from bipolar ii. My psychiatrist doesnt really respond affirming or otherwise. 2nd opinion indicated NO, not bipolar II. Lots of research, that my wife is providing me, supports her theory. I'm on celexa, 6 years now, seems to work for me...so what's the call? How do i know if i'm bipolar ii or suffer from depression/anxiety. without celexa i suffer extream daily depression and anxiety/anxiety attacks daily. Read More »
I am 13 years old and am a female. I don't know if I have bipolar or multiple personalities disorder. The reason I think I have bipolar disorder is that my emotions are like a ligtht switch. For example, today I was having a pretty good day and I was happy. When I got on the bus I suddenly got extremely angry and wanted to hurt my brother. When I got home almost twenty minutes later I was calm again. I was thinking about it and I took your test and got the moderate to severe bipolar symptoms. The reason I think I may have multiple personalities is that I have different personality traits at d Read More »
I´m 14 years old and I was diagnosed with severe bipolar and borderline disorder a couple of days ago,which I kept secret for years with my only friend, who had the same diseases as me. She killed herself two weeks ago after her parents found out what she really had, and my mind just keeps telling it was my fault. We had sworn each other that we would ever tell anyone about what happened to us, and now that she is dead, I feel terribly guilty. My mother doesn't allow me to go to school, I can't get out of my house and I'm practically forced to take all that medication that is not working. I s Read More »
Has anyone heard of someone diagnosed with bi-polar and also borderline personality that becomes a thief. (for lack of a better word). It's like they are self destructive and trying to go to jail or something. Like they have no other worth. Read More »