I always thought that I was a normal person who kept choosing critical, controlling men who were like my Mother, Father and Step-Father. My boyfriends never physically abused me, but my ex-husband for example, would say subtle critical remarks. Like a drop of water on limestone, it may not have an effect, but over 10 years it can completely erode it. The same was done to my already low self-esteem.

Anyway, I have recently been diagnosed with Mixed Ultra-Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder. I thought for the past several years since I left my EX that my high energy and talkativeness in the m Read More »
Hello. When i was a kid, i was abused. im only 16 now, but lived with it for 15 years. I barely reported the abuse in November. i have been depressed since december, but also have been happy. i was so depressed about 5 weeks ago that i went to a hospital for suicide ideation. last week i was depressed, then really happy. now im depressed again. am i bipolar? Read More »

I saw a psychologist the other day, and told her everything, she asked me if I'd heard about bipolar, because it sounds like I have it, but she'd leave it to the mental health service that will be assessing me in a few weeks to figure it out.

My mum asked what the psychologist said and I told her, and she and my step-dad both said no, you are not bipolar. They said that they know people that are bipolar, I am not as manic as those people, yeah, more hypomania i guess. I posted these the other day, but I'll post my symptoms that may associate with depressive disorders... Does anyone agree w Read More »
My husband is bipolar. He was diagnosed 29 years ago when he first experienced a psychotic break. He was hospitalized again about 1.5 years later - again with a psychotic break. He has not needed hospitalization again - although sometimes I have to get away just to maintain my own sanity. Our oldest son is also bipolar and on disability. With both of them in the house, things can get kind of crazy. I've been hospitalized twice in 14 years after medication overdoses. I struggle with chronic depression and I'm under a doctor's care and taking medication. But sometimes the stress just becomes to Read More »
Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to handle mania and keep it under control while I am at work, I'm not sure that I am but I strongly suspect I am going into a serious manic episode. I am still somewhat able to tell sometimes that what I'm doing doesn't make sense and isn't normal but those moments are getting less and less often, I'm normally not an organized or overly clean person and I've bought $40 worth of cleaning supplies, and taken everything that I own out of my drawers, desk, closet, dresser and everything and been placing all of it in piles sorted in a Read More »
I want some ideas on what you think because I have moments when i just explode and i don't even know why. I don't have pressure in my life. I'm 14 and really mature for my age. I'm a good student in school and I love music. Now getting to the point...

yesterday I blew up on my mom. She said she was turning off the internet and I freaked out. I don't know why. My mom asked if i had homework and i did, but i told her "It don't matter cuz your shutting off the internet." It was really smartelick and I didn't even think before i said it. It just slipped out. Right before my mom said she was tu Read More »
Hey guys,

First off, I do fully understand that no one here can diagnose a mental disorder or anything. However, I'm in the military and certain mental disorders could get me discharged so going to a professional is not an option. That said, here's what I'm wondering about...

My symptoms these days... I don't remember too much what my moods were like back before I was 14 or 15, I was a teenager and I'm sure I assumed any depression or anything was just growing up. After that I started using a lot of drugs off and on, which I kept up until I was 19. I do remember that since I turned 16, Read More »
i truly hate my mother who is bipolar, she raised us and has been breaking down through the years, i was also diagnosed with bipolar 1 when i was 25 years old. i took care of all my bipolar siblings since their early teen years and they were all off and on breaking down. when it was my turn to break down they did not take care of me . now that i am pregnant and 35 years old my mother is still on this sick cycle carousel. i want to avoid her permanently for my baby's sake and mental wellness. i have invested in my wellness and seeing 2 top psychiatrists. even my ob said to avoid my mother so Read More »
Sorry, im reposting this since my other post has technical difficulties... Hi. I'm 13 years old, F. Last year, I had been diagnosed with depression but after 3 quarters of a year taking Prozac, I feel fine. I've also had a phase when I threw up after meals. I used to cut, but then was taken to a psychiatrist. I still sometimes feel like cutting however I don't, out of the fear of being busted by my mother, who freaks out and scares me when she does. I think about suicide regularly but I really did it once when I was suffering depression. I used to have insomnia, but I sleep pretty normal now. Read More »
Hello all- thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm very thankful to you for your answers, if any. Here is my situation.

I am a 31 year-old woman who's had a mood disorder for most of my life- since my early teens. It was originally decided that I had Major Depressive Disorder, but over the last 7 years it has evolved and I finally received a diagnosis of Bipolar NOS. So, from what I understand, I've got a serious mood disorder, but it doesn't fit the criteria of bipolar I or bipolar II. It was a relief after years of fighting with doctors about my diagnosis and that there was more to Read More »