My daughter was in a manic episode and I tried my best to get other people in the family to help me put her in hospital . Well nobody did . The results are that she signed legal papers , in which she thought she was signing guardianship of her daughter over to her Aunt. ( This aunt lied said it was only guardianship for medical and school rights and she could get her daughter back anytime ) Well come to find out it was custody papers !!! This Aunt will not give child back !!! My question is ..are those papers legal being she was in a manic state ? ( This Aunt told me it was only guardianship Read More »
So, my parents are getting a divorce.. And I think I've been through it all with it. They have recently gotten me a counselor. It's great to have someone to talk to, but for some reason I never feel like I can open up to her. I always tell everyone that everything is okay.. It's not okay. I've dealt with self-injures. I have mood swings a lot. Like sometimes, I will be super happy and then completely just break down and be depressed. I've done research and I think I might be bipolar.. But I have no idea how to tell anyone. Read More »

I'm 15 year old girl and seeing counsellor every two week for last last few years. About 1 year and a half thing got really bad I got really mad really fast, only slept for 1 to 4 hours and not feel tired speck really fast and jump from idea to another and moving ALL the time hearing voices and seeing things,feeling really high. Then I would be really sad wanting to kill myself, crying alot so low. The hearing things and seeing things only happen when im feeling high. im going to this place where they do lots of tests like puzzles and talking about what im going though. my uncle has bipolar a Read More »
I've been dating a woman for several months who I have fallen absolutely in love with. The problem is that, about every two weeks, she will react to something I say or do in an extremely hostile manner. She seems to hear something other than what I've said and starts accusing me of not loving her and pretty soon shes yelling at me and no matter what I say it just gets worse. Its really unerving because shes getting really angry over imaginary things. I've noticed also that near the times she does this, shes going in 8 different directions at once and she talks so much I cant get a word in e Read More »
I will try to be as concise as I can. My current dx is Bipolar 2 and Borderline Personality traits, OCD traits. I am talking wellbutrin, prozac, topamax, (depression and mood stability) and take klonopin at night for sleep. I have fibromyalgia which causes joint pain and fatigue so I take an "awake pill" called nuvigil. Currently I have been "cycling" 1 week barely able to get out of bed and then the next able to do everything and fine. When depressed I am so unable to fnction I can't even bathe, all I do is cry, lose my appetite, and think of being a pathetic loser w/suicidal thoughts.

Re Read More »
I've known this girl for two years. She's bipolar and as long as I've known her she's never been on the right medication because 1) She's unable to properly communicate with her doctor and thinks her doctor is horrible (I am also bipolar and have the same doctor and I think he's wonderful) and 2. she is notororious about forgetting to take her medication. Every time I hang out with her she tells me she hasn't been taking them for a week or the past couple days and is "feeling fine" and tells me she doesn't want to take them because it will make her sleepy. This, however makes her act psychoti Read More »
Hi all,

I'm new to this place and I'm so confused so please bear with me...

In 2007 I was diagnosed with BPD after taking an overdose and staying in a mental hospital for a few weeks. I agreed with the diagnosis and still do to an extent. In 2008 I had group therapy and tackled a lot of my childhood and past issues but after the therapy finished, due to a lack of support from professionals, I regressed significantly. I felt depressed for about a month and was referred for support. The doctor said I had agitated depression and gave me lamotrigine. I stopped sleeping and felt extremely ag Read More »
im a 23 year old female and have suffered with mental problems since i was a child, ive never been diagnosed as such but i have been very insecure and would feel guilty about the most stupid things. In grade 8 i ripped the tag off my school hat and couldnt sleep and felt so guilty i cried to my mum. My mum was an alcoholic then kicked me out when i was 15, she would ignore us when we did the wrong thing but never physical abuse. Around that time i also lost my step dad to cancer that id known since i was a kid which was very hard. I also had issues with separation, i hated school camps an Read More »
I met a wonderful man who is ex military, extremely logical person and bipolar. Any form of weakness makes him mad. I’m currently living with him for two months now and never really paid attention to his bipolar condition until he had a manic episode. I decided to learn about bipolar disorder so I did an extensive research on the subject. I had to ask myself the question if I wanted to go thru with the relationship because being with a bipolar person could be emotionally abusive. I’m emotionally strong and I really don’t take into consideration what he says when he’s manic. ( He does not ge Read More »
OK, so lets start out with saying my cousin is bipolar and there are a few more cases of bipolar disorder in my family. lately i have been having some wild mood swings and i get so angry so quickly. last year i was in counseling because me and my mom never got along and i told her i was leaving (running away). i was 16. i am now 17 and will be 18 in exactly a week. i only saw my counselor a few times but i saw my in-school counselor at least once a week. i had mental breakdowns where i would just start crying uncontrollably for no reason. there were no outside triggers. one time i started cry Read More »