There are lots of websites and blogs about bipolar, but I have found few that offer advice from the perspective of someone who has a bipolar partner. My fiance and I are currently having some relationship issues and I have been unable to find anywhere that has information and advice on how I can better support her, other than reading up on bipolar in general. Can you recommend any sites, books or blogs that may be of assistance?

Thank you
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2 months ago i was diagnosed with depression and the doctor put me on tablets to take one per day they have stopped working and are makin me feel worse, i read on the internet that you can be wrongly diagnosed with depression if u have bipolar i have taken a few bipolar tests and it says i may have it i keep getting high scores for it.. what should i do and how do i go about getting the right help also my mom has bipolar..? please help Read More »

hi thanks for reading, i'm 13 i have anxiety issues(not clinical) and I've been diagnosed with ADHD recently but i don't think its ADHD because i have changing moods from happy(hyper) to sad this is when i'm hyper/happy: hyperactivity, fast talking and impulsive behavior(i.e. peeing in a cup and chucking at my brother and writing on walls). when i'm sad: tired, very angry, and sometimes think about suicide(at this dance i was sad because i could not dance nor wanted to because of this mood, there where spot lights and i thought of sticking my head in there and burning up.). but the thing that Read More »
How does one achieve clarity of mind ? Are there any meds that are effective ?or any good meditation or any other resources/techniques that can be used? How to accept yourself the way you are? Read More »
Everytime I am out someone has to mention the word crazy, and i have noticed it that some people do it on purpose. I know I am bipolar but I dont say anything to others, then why do people go out of the way to say it to me. It has become one of the main reasons I have become anti social because I have started to expect everyone to say that or say something to put me down somehow. It seems to be like a rat race that everyone is trying to dominate others even before anything is said. How do I deal with it? I dont want to be a jerk like them , but is this something I have to do to recover social Read More »
I was diagnosed bipolar almost 4 years ago. I m 42 male .II havent worked for the last 4 months and held only a part time job before that. I have developed a tremendous fear of talking with people I dont know and also dont talk and open much with the people I know. I have started to think that everyone is bipolar or paranoid like me . I am unable to hold a conversation with someone without being overly careful not to hurt their feelings and also because of the fear that they may say something or judge me and find out that I am a bad person, I have been told with a lot of hints that I am on th Read More »
I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder for about 10 years now. My regular physician just pumped me with Valium & mood stabilizers which worked for awhile, but then I needed real stuff. I have been through almost every mood disorder medication that is available & none have worked. I am currently on anti-psychotic medication & depression medication. I want this to end finally. I seemed that I was fine for awhile until I was arrested for the 3rd time for shoplifting. I went through my whole savings, going through a divorce, had a period when I wanted nothing but sex, but my husband di Read More »
I have been with my fiance for 6 years now.He has cheated on me twice and one of the times i became friends with the girl.It has only been 7 months and no he hasnt cheated on me but he cheated on me for 2 and a half years with two different girls just because he didnt get to have them before he got with me.He just asked me to marry him and i said yes.But we have talked about it and there is this girl amanda that hes known for awhile and he likes her and has confessed that he wants to sleep with her.I love him but i dont think i can take him cheating on me again.He says that he will try his be Read More »
when im in school im all depressed excepty 5th block when im home im all goofy and crazy just living and i still have a over activ imagination am i bipolr and do i have adhd Read More »
i have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1991 at the age of 41.i was given ssri by my doctor on which i got back on the rails with no recurring episodes till date.i got married in 2006 at the age of 55.i had postponed marriage due to illness and luckily everything is okay with me except my wife's opposition to ssri medicines since she is very committed to homeopathy,which i am convinced doesnt help in my illness.hence i am in a predicament of taking medicines on the sly which is creating a conflict vis a vis the dual life which i am forced to have.i am employed and so is my wife.i would Read More »