Hello. I've posted before, however I think I can clarify things more in terms of how I feel. Let me first say that I've done a lot of research on symptoms on Bipolar Disorder, but I don't clearly no the difference between type I and type II- one has to do with hallucinations if I'm correct. Well, I'm 15 years old and I hit rock bottom about a year ago. I was depressed for a couple of months (September-March), my parents made me see a therapist and I still she her. I also found out, while researching, mental illnesses are more likely genetic and my father's sister (my blood aunt) is Bipolar, m Read More »
please do not make me go back. I need some advice and quick. I can't go back to a state run facility because the experience is so dehumanizing that one more go round will do far too much damage. I am medicated (a lot of prescriptions), but I still feel like I am in a crisis. My mania and depression are both prevalent every single day and the only thing my meds have stopped are the hallucinations. I am not currently in danger of killing myself and I have never been a danger to others, but without insurance, where can I get treatment for acute problems that is not at a facility with "people" fo Read More »

does merely having bipolar cause heart disease? anyone know someone with bipolar? how old did they die?
i have bipolar, and lately ive read that people with bipolar die younger from heart disease, even if they are otherwise healthy. apparently, people with bipolar have a genetic risk increase for heart attack, and a biological mechanism where bipolar people release coritisol into their blood, which hardens the arteries.

ive been reading studies trying to put it together

ne quote said "we're saving people from this disease, then losing them to early death", which seems to suggest even i Read More »
Hi my name is David. I have been Bipolar since I was 12 years old. Most of the time I have been on medicine and somewhat stable. This year I had a major depressive episode that sent me to the hospital. It has taken me 9 months to feel better. That is the longest time ever for me. I have some pyschotic symptoms. I wonder if anyone out there has had any of the same problems? I have had problems with racing thoughts and I wonder if I am beginning to get manic. My energy level is beginning to get better. My work situation is not so good, I lost my job. I was hoping to find others that may have ha Read More »
Will sum1 please help me!
My dad is 53 years old and has mood swings that are out of this world.
Hes been having them since was born but they are getting worse and
worse all the time. For the past few years Ive actually felt like I think hes losing
his mind. When hes in a good mood hes amazing, and youd never guess that he ever
had anger issues. But then all of a sudden he snaps. Hes an alcaholic and addicted to
prescription pills as well. He also claims to be a christian. He becomes very abusive verbally
and physically wen he gets in these moods. His good days can last almost a w Read More »
I am newly diagnosed bipolar ii. My meds seem to have stopped working and I'm in between doctors right now. I'm mostly depressed but I go into hypomania occasionally. I'm noticing now that the meds don't work my thinking is cloudy. For example, I can think about one situation and come to vastly different conclusions based on my current emotion. I'm smart enough to realize I'm not rational but sometimes I need to make a decision soon. Specifically, I am confused about a conflict I had recently with a friend. I am unsure if I should be mad at her or if she should be mad at me? It is confusing. Read More »
On an outting with some mates n the kids, just like old times, yet I felt that now im medicated my social skills have completely diminished. Before my diagnosis I could enjoy life, please if anyone could shed some light how to beat this Read More »
Can i requested psychiatric medical records be released to me personally? I live in Tennessee Read More »
Just a month or so ago I went to a psychiatrist. My counselor, my mother, and myself thought it would be a good idea. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to hear that I had any type of mental illness or disorder, but to my surprise he told me I have a high chance of having bipolar disorder. Reading the answers my mom had written down from the basic questions asked while you're waiting for the doctor, he read that my father is suffering from bipolar disorder. He claimed there is no way to tell if I am bipolar or not because of my young age. When you're a teenager (especially a female), your emotions Read More »
I am 20 and have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. I was first prescribed 5 mg of abilify which somewhat helped with the racing/obsessive thoughts and i didnt have time to think only bc i was feeling high, miserable, passing out, and out of it, with exessive yawning. i am now on Seroquel 25mg which started out helping me not have the obsesive thoughts before sleeping and once i awoke, but now i am more irritable and it doesnt seem to be strong enough to be doing anything for the anxiety, obsessive thoughts, paranoio, mood shifts, and so on. Also, seroquel make me have lucid dee Read More »