This all started about three days ago, when my friend decided to bring up a part of me that isn't 'correct', meaning a very dark side that wants to torture animals, people, etc. I've had these thoughts ever since I was seven years old.
I had started getting a severe headache after being reminded of these thoughts, and soon enough I didn't have control of what I was doing or saying, (This was all over the Internet on a social network)and found out that this was an alter after reading his thoughts on everything that ever happened in my life, (His name is Dr.Richard Stevenson)and decides to ta Read More »
Hello, I am looking for a forum board to enlighten me a little about some puzzling information my daughter has told me about her best friend who I'll refer to as Amy. These girls have been friends for about 3 years. Both girls are 15.

From what I understand from my daughter, Amy told her she was diagnosed bipolar, is supposed to be on meds, but her parents don't buy it or keep up with it. My daughter seems to be having more ups and down with Amy recently and said yesterday Amy wasn't her friend anymore, she hates Amy. Since Amy was at our house for a sleepover and spent most of the day he Read More »

I am a patient of bipolar mood disorder since last three years.I am taking divalporic sodium extended release 1000mg tablet at night.last 6 weeks i was not regular in taking medicine and also started taking 2- 3 pegs of alchohal thrice a week for fun/ to kill boredom.NOW i have stopped alchohal and am regular on medicine . my condition is stable. what else i have to do? any change of medicine or something else. pls advice.THANKS Read More »
Please help me, I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half... He is bipolar (psychiatrist wanted to treat him but he refused to accept the diagnosis)
when I met him he was the sweetest man in the world and didnt make it hard to fall in love with him. He fell in love with me very quickly as well.
however, 6 months into the relationship after telling me he wanted to marry me, he completely pulled back and told me he "just wasn't in the relationship anymore" you can imagine my shock and pain. I pleaded and begged him to rethink his decision and he told me it was his choice and there w Read More »
I have Bipolar and am grieving the death of my marriage of 19 years,loosing the life I once had, loosing my husband to divorse and now the death of my Uncle. I have twice in the past 3 weeks overdosed on pills NOT because I wnat to die, its because I want the pain to end. I cant seem to get it together. I need to start over, but I dont know how. I was just asked to coach my daughters cheerleading team and I am VERY happy to be doing that. But it still hasnt given me the umph to start to get up, get moving, and get it together. Any ideas or suggestions? I just uped my medication and all is wel Read More »
Hi Im new to all this so bear with me. I was diagnosed bipolar about 5 years maybe 7 years ago. was never on any meds except effexor for the first year after diagnoses then no meds. My husband is a great hard working (we run our own trucking comany) provider and we have 3 sons.

I am at times inconsistent in my parenting maybe more than most. i let my kids talk me outta or into things. especially my oldest boy who is also BIPOLAR. I get more angry than i should I cuss more than i should and I feel out of control more than i think other people do. I change my according to who I am round and Read More »
How does one differentiate between an auditory hallucination and an one's own internal thought? Read More »
I have done a huge amount of research concerning Bipolar disorder and have taken the quiz on here a couple times i have looked at all the symptoms I am very convinced i have it. but there are a couple of things i need to know. first my Aunt has schizophrenia and what i need to know (i know they are different) is if that opens me up to mental illesses. she is the only person in my family i am aware of having a mental illness because everyone on my father's side is dead and was before i was born and he doesnt like talking about it and my mothers...well i dont need to get into that the point is Read More »

Hi all , I have been going out with my partner for over eight years. She suffers from severe mood swings where see goes from depressed , mad angry to just numb. and when she is happy she is lovely and hyper and happy . she has had this since i started going out with her but it was not very frequent. but the past two years since the recession we have had to move to find jobs and now live in another country without any family. we are both from different countries anyway and both familys are divorced parents with them all in different countries also.(very international)
well anyway. for past Read More »
I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder weeks after my high school graduation. With the symptoms, (like extreme irritability, prolong sleep deprivation, racing thoughts, appetite loss, and sudden highs and lows) I was convinced I did have the disorder and that the illness was caused by environmental factors. The meds my doctors gave me did help; in fact they helped quicker than they all expected. Months after I was released from the hospital it was almost as if I never had the disorder; I went to college and my life seemed to be back in order. Soon I was off the meds entirely and lived a normal Read More »