dang it, this is the second night in a row i've sliced myself into little pieces. I hated myself last night and tonight i find myself almost hoping i'll bleed to death. Almost.
My mom saw all the cuts on my wrist today (about twenty) and all she said was "this is not acceptable"
I keep thinking something has to change... and tonight just makes me all the more afraid that I'll kill myself before something does. 'cause if I wasn't talking to my best friend I probably would have. But what's the point in not killing myself tonight if that just means I can kill myself tomorrow or the next day?
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I lost my mum to cancer 3 years ago, she was my best friend. I was devestated and still get down all the time. I find it hard myself to carry on without her. But i have to because i have a job and commitments. However, my dad has never got over it. But what makes it hard is that i was never really close to my dad when i was growing up , he never wanted to get that close but now everytime i visit him or ring him he tells me how down he is and that he doesn't know what to do with himself. That its all doom and gloom. Well to be honest im getting so fed up with him being down that im starting to Read More »

Is it just me who thinks this? I just feel everyday i live i come across and work with self obsessed people who only like talking about themselves,think they are better than you, don't care about the world and think their kids are wonderful but they're not really because they just spoilt brats that will grow up respecting no one and being loud and egotistic. Its all about the best restaurant people go to, the latest gadget they just got.Facebook this, facebook that. What holiday they are going on. Ive got to smile all the time everyday at work day in day out, if i dont im called miserable. I Read More »
I don't really know where to start since things feel so overwhelming but I've been depressed for years now. It's gotten progressively worse as time has passed to the point that almost all I can think about is suicide and death, etc.. I have no reason to be as sad as I am; I have a girlfriend of two years approaching three soon, I have a few friends that care about me, I've had no family problems until quite recently, we have no major money problems, all the things that people tell me I should be happy about. But I don't enjoy life. It's easier to list the things in life that make me happy tha Read More »
one day, this pit my parents dragged me into, is going to be my nest for death. i have been forced to live away from all of my friends, i don't have any friends now, and i am severely lonely, i can't get a job or move out because i have to watch my little sister, and my dad refuses to give me money for it, or acknowledge my being of need entirely. my step mother is a good person i think deep down yet i can't find myself to want anything to do with her, and won't. my dad tells me, "depression is for cowards". i can't help thinking about myself when the conversation comes up. i don't think anyb Read More »
I feel that my family don't really want me yes I'm a 41 single mother I live with my parents but the always put me down calling me all kinda of name stupid dumb I don't need 2 live I don't belong 2 this family she don't care I don't have any family member 2 talk 2 so think about suicide alot I really need someone 2 talk 2 who don't know me I know my family will hate me even more cause I'm putting out our family business but the feel it's ok 4 them 2 talking and treat me the way they do they always tell me they going 2 put me out and they throw it in my kids face my father and both of my bothe Read More »
I've been depressed for 9 years give or take and I have learned to manage it on my own for the most part but it has been getting a lot worse and I feel like I'm at a point where things need to change.

I've had the same job at a theater for two and a half years and that is where I've made all the friends I had. My job is one of the major sources of my current despair. Its like high school there with the drama and favoritism and of course me being a super shy quiet person not many people really like me a whole lot because they've never really given me a chance. They assume because I'm quiet Read More »
I've been cutting for like 9 months now, but within the past month I've been doing it alot more. Like twenty-forty times every time I cut. Everything from boredom to hearing someone say 'cut' triggers it.
I tried holding ice cubes and the butterfly project but neither works. My parents know and they keep saying they'll get me help but they don't.
I don't really have a problem with cutting, but my friends do and I want to stop for them... so how do I stop on my own? Read More »
I want to know that how much I love my lover. He and I were lovers since 4 years ago. I have no care on him and he also think so. Often , we have problems concern with his old flame. Sometimes, I am very sad and I want to go away where no one know me. So I want to know I have got a real love? Read More »
I am 16 (past the "puberty hormone phase"), a girl who feels so alone inside a crowd of people. I have a story that relates to my question at the end.

My story is about a girl who feels worthless to everyone and a waste of space, time, air, and flesh. She has a younger sister, a bitchy mom, and a stepdad who feels the need to yell and argue and make her feel worse about herself than she already does. She has always been the bigger girl, the outcast. She consistantly wears a worn out, hole filled jacket that has faded to a brown since it was black. She thinks it is like a "comfort-blanket" Read More »