Im in trouble with the law, i violated probation with a theft crime, i know the worst is going to happen, i deserve it but my family does not! I just do not want to feel this anymore, ive been dealing with this for 3 years! I need mental help! I just want my family to be ok! Read More »
Now I've written on here about my mental issues which include self-destructiveness, and incest fantasies. But I've been wondering lately if they might be linked to my time in the womb. I've read all kinds of things about premature babies but could hardly find anything on post mature babies. I haven't found anything useful about it. It all started when I searched info about underdeveloped lungs. Then it lead to this subject. Everyone says it can't happen, but no one gives any answers about the " What If..." scenario.

What if a baby was born about a month & a half late? As is my case and m Read More »

I am 15 years old and I'm having trouble with my body. Okay, so for the longest time (like 7 months) I have these eating cycles. Some days ill be so hungry and I eat everything I see. Some days i won't be hungry at all and not eat very much. This was normal for me until last week. I'm 4'9 and unfortunately not growing anymore, so normal 15/16 year olds weight is 110 to 120 or up. I figure I can't weigh that much because I'm much smaller so I put a limit to 112. Anyways, two weeks ago I weighed 107 lbs. Which was fine.. I didn't like it, but it wasn't bothering me enough to actually do somethi Read More »
let me start by saying i am 18 years old and have had this obsession since i was 14. ive seen several different therapists and counselors but nothing has helped. i also take lexapro.

now you might think im crazy or just want attention(everyone else does, but i want a baby. yes, i know im WAY too young and im still in school and babies are a very big responsability. a child is a human being, not just a something to play with and dress up. they cry, poop, and need food. they need you for everything. and it cost so much to raise one. i know im not ready for that. i just turned 18.
but for so Read More »
Hi guys.
I've been having symptoms of depression for months know feeling sad most of the time,isolated,i've lost intrest in the things i did often.i dont wanna be around people,i feel useless,having suicidal thoughts and my marks have dropped real bad..i have lost touch with everything,i just dont know who iam anymore.
I avoid being with people cause most of the time they ask me questions about myself,which i cant answer because i dont really have an answer..
I've always been a shy girl but this year it got worse,my self-esteem is so low i cant do certain things like look at myse Read More »
I have no idea where to start I have been a Cutter for 2 years now.
and it is slowly getting worse. I cry all day long I feel I have sever depression but not sure now on to my question.
My husband and I let his what we thought was his best friend live with us in our home untill he got back on his feet. He was living her for about 1 year and 11 month when this Happened that changed our whole life.
We got a visit 2 1/2 month ago from CYS that That there was alleged reports that he had molested both my girls 2 and 4 years of age. after they investigated this it was found to be true with the 4 Read More »
Ok here's my problem a year ago i was at a friends party at the time I was depressed a bit about a girl who rejected me and I was feeling down on myself.
I was always the party type of guy used to pick up chicks and everything.
Now at this party there was a friend who's gay cousin came and they asked us to be nice to him becauze he was the only gay guy.
Now we started drinking i spotted a girl whit who i ended up in bed but before that we got really really drunk i dont remember a thing from that night only that i woke up whit the girl and everything else my friends told me.
Now here comes Read More »
Hi All
I am BPD and I just wanted to ask is this overwhelming feeling part of it .Every situation that comes my way seems way too big and if more than 1 occurs im just so overwhelmed I feel like I cant cope or im loosing control .It scars me as I dont want to go back to my old way's but I just want to feel able to go a day without feeling like im drowning .I am in therapy and on meds but it works while im there but not if I try help myself ,feel like such a failure :-(
Thanks for reading this xxxx Read More »
Not really sure what to start with but here we go. I am a 17 year old girl. Ive discussed my anxiety issues in some of my old posts. I still have problems with anxiety but i wouldn't say that is as bad as it was before. I'm now on a generic for Effexor that i take 2 times a day and generic for Colodopen that i can take if i need to to calm down. These do help the anxiety.

My parents are fighting a lot. Everyday they are screaming at each other and now my dad is supposed to leave. I'm still having problems dealing with my sisters death that happened nearly 4 years ago, she had brain cancer Read More »
Okay so I am a 20 year old female and I am in crisis I am not going to hurt my self but I am on the edge. I was diagnosed with Dysthymia when I was 14 and it just got worse from there. I have no job I just dropped out of college for the 3rd time and I am basically homeless. I am living with my aunt (Also she does not believe in mental issues and is very upset with me because of mine) and this is my last chance before I am put out on the streets. I feel empty, flat, and without purpose. All I do all day is lay in the bed and cry, and when I'm not crying I'm doing meaningless things like playin Read More »