Long time, no write. I have a question about a talk I need to have later this week.

So Im an 18 yr old girl, and alot has happened in this last year. I had a very miserable year, and so did the boy I dated (lets call him Drake). Throughout the year I had extreme trust issues and a hard time sharing anything when it bothered me. At the beginning of the summer I started pushing everyone away, and Drake got close to another girl (and i half thought they were dating behind my back) and everything got terribly out of hand for both Drake and I's depression. So at the end of the summer I dubed th Read More »
im 17 soon to be 18 ive never had a father that cared about me all he did was beat my mom and me and came at me with a knife im loseing my home ive known my entire life and my gf broke up with me said i was too clingy but all i did wrong was want to spend too much time with her i cared for her bought her things just to see her smile did things with her i was scaerd to do because i knew she wanted to do it and one day we were sitting on the couch cuddleing with each other holding hads her head laying on my shoulder she looked up locked eyes with me and kissed me my first kiss and then the next Read More »

I don't really know where to start....

So I guess it all started during the summer. I had just finished my freshman year at college and when I got home for the summer I quickly realized all my high school friendships were gone. I tried texting some of them and they just wouldn't text back, or when we made plans they would cancel them. So I spent those 4 months basically staying home and working out (i feel that maybe my social skills faded because of this).

Then in August school started up again, but I transferred to a new university in a different state (for better opportunities) so I Read More »
This is me of what I least know:
- 24 yr old man. Handsome (no joke) and talented in numerous creative things.
The full picture:
- I suffer from severe clowning possession by the devil. There are voices in my head that make me rebel on my only shield I attempt to weild and that is and religion. Honestly, I no longer can wait. I need death but I am afraid.
The things I got:
- spinal cord injury 5 years ago. (age of 19) I am completely paralysed from my neck down, I can make eloquent use from my half damaged arms.
-no sensation below neck (can't feel pain anywhere in my body or even h Read More »
I have a few questions about my past. I think its weird i cant remember certain things bout my past... I feel as though i was molested. but do not remember anything of the such to that extreme happening. When i was 13 i was staying with my sister untill the school year was over. there was 3 instances to were i can remember him sneaking in the room i was in to touch me. no penetration was involved that i recall. but i always remember waking up kind of dazed out to a point i questioned if anything was really happening to me or was this jus my imagination. when i moved to GA over a period of tim Read More »

I am a 16 year old white male and live in South Africa, I have severe depression. I was born blind but regained some of my vision, I am in a blind and partially sighted school that delivers a very small variety of subjects to choose from which is a problem because I have no idea in what direction my life is headed and what I want to accomplish.
Last year I had my eye on a very talented girl but my so called friend who denied feeling something for her stole her from me, I'm over her but he is the schools "jock" and excels in every thing, I really loved her but he reminds me of what I co Read More »
I am 24 years old. I suffer from anxiety. As the doctor would say. I had a panic attack about 4weeks ago. went to the E.R. and was told I suffer from anxiety. All of a sudden I get these strange feeliMngs in my head and nose. It feels as if my head is not getting enough oxygen or blood is rushing down. my body feels shaky at times and I often have hot/cold flashes. my body trembles and the anxiety have a toll on my sleep. I also have a constant fear of dying and that only excellerates my anxiety. I feel like im alone in this but do plenty of research daily research and find that their or ppl Read More »
I am 23 years old and I am 30 weeks pregnant. I have been seeing my baby's father for going on 4 years now. We recently broke up, but the last couple of weeks we have started talking about getting back together. Well within the last week he has got with my best friend. They have pretty much been together ever since and have been staying with each other. He still calls me occasionally when she goes to work. Last night I seen him while she was at work and I really feel like I need closure that it would really help. So, I asked please just tell me you dont want me that you want her and he said h Read More »
Hello, I am 15 and lately I have been feeling severe depression. Ever since I can remember, my mom has been subject to domestic abuse from my dad, and although it wasn't extremely frequent, it was severe enough to emotionally scar me and my siblings. My parents have always had very volatile arguments, and even when there was no violence involved I always feel threatened and afraid. Lately the fighting has been getting worse, and I am crossing my fingers that they get a divorce. It will be much easier on my siblings and mom if we are able to cut my dad out of our lives. My siblings and I have Read More »
So basically my sister has been suffereing depression recently (a couple weeks) due to a traumatic operation she had to have. My Parents are being supportive and to be honest.. it makes me feel sick. I've been suffering depression for about thee years now, self-harmed for two. And I guess it just really bugs me that my parents instantl realise my sister is depressed, but with me it's like I'm none-existent!
So I'm faced wondering whether I should finally tell my parent or not as my depression is getting worse by the day, my houghts on suicde are becoming more frequent and I'm scared. But ne Read More »