ever since I can remember as kid, like 1st grade, I've always day dreamed the same thing, hoping someone would kill or something. When i here stories in the news of this person murdered or killed in an accident, I say in my head lucky bitch, how come i want to die and would be content with dieing but here I am still living and someone that didnt want to die gets my wish. Those moments when I'm laying bed before I fall asleep, I'm going through stories in my head where I get hurt. Its a fantasy of mine that I get extremely hurt or die. Even though I grew up with a wonderful family and I have n Read More »
For a couple of years now I have felt so empty and
incomplete. I have no hobbies, romantic relationships, or
sports that I enjoy, whereas it seems everyone I know has
these things. my life just seems so pointless.

I belong to a middle class family with loving parents and a
sister and we have enough money and things, but something in
my life is missing. I feel like I should have an excuse for
how I feel like having a traumatic childhood or bullying
problems, but I don't, my life seems to be perfect, its just
me who is wrong. Read More »

Hey,I'm 14 years old almost 15 and when i was around 3 i was molested by my half sister and she was 12 or 13.I was in the bath tub with her and the door was closed and i came running out screaming and my mom took me to the hospital and i was irrataited down there i guess.My mom told me this happened to me.I don't have proof she did this to me but i'm pretty sure she did i don't know if she's done it other times.so i was pretty sexual when i was 7-12 and i had really terrible dreams and yeah.Then when i was 12 i started texting older guys and teens and i took picturses nude pictures of myself Read More »
I suffer from a moderate to severe form of depression, and have been going to a psychologist for about 2 and a half months now. I know the general characteristics of depression are sadness, lack of motivation, emptiness, insomnia, etc.

Lately, I've noticed I have a 'trait' that is really starting to confuse me. I've been brought up in a family where modesty and humility are everything, and arrogance is definitely looked down upon. I live in a boarding house. Lately, I've noticed that its easy for me to get wound up. I get passionately aggressive over the smallest things, like someone sugge Read More »
I'm positive no one here remembers me from when I first asked a question here when I was fourteen. That was two years ago. To save anyone reading this the time and trouble of finding my two previous questions, I shall give you a short synopsis here:

When I was fourteen, I was physically assaulted by my older brother. I did not report it to the police. My father watched it happened and did absolutely nothing; he didn't even take me to a doctor when I told him something was wrong with my jaw. I ended up walking to a doctor myself several months later when I finally worked up the courage to d Read More »
I just turned 16 years old.

My problem started when I was a baby. Im the youngest of 3, and my father started abusing my mother when the middle child was born. When I was born, my father turned his attention on me. He molested me while I was a baby, and abused both me and my mom. My mom couldnt stand my father anymore, so she left us when I was 6. She decided to leave us 3 with my father. We couldnt afford the house outside of town, so we had to move in with my great grandma in the city. Things went to shit after that.

MY sister got pregnant at 15 and moved in with her boyfriend. My bro Read More »
My family is driving me crazy. My husband hasn't worked in years and how some type of legal problem that I have been trying to help him with because I no longer get my income tax refund. I've had therapy and medication for years but I cannot go to get help now because it's too far away. I can't take time off work because I'm afraid that I will lose my job again. I've had the job for 5 years. It's a job that requires a degree so I have insurance but the facility is over an hour away. I received help before we moved. I have to order "medication" on line just so I can get through the day. Read More »
I am a 15 year old male from Birmingham. Recently i have been put under a lot of pressure by exams and school, It has been made me have alot of problems with anixety. My Parents think that i am looking for attention (which i am not) they think i like it when they sit me down and have a chat. My parents also think if i came up to them about School it, i would be doing it just to avoid the problem and everything would be easy as they will sort it out. I am not lying about this my Dad said it to my face. This is why i don`t want to talk to them about my struggles.

Along with my anxiety i thi Read More »
I have suffered from depression for all my life and have had therapy through out my lifes years.
I am an artist and have been unable to afford the costs of medical conditions and mental health
I am tired of individuals, ie. mother, siblings and public in general that are tired of us individual
who suck off doctors, salvation army etc. to get the help they need for low costs or free.

I take medication that requires doctors orders etc. So I seek sources such as S.A.
I am now at the point where I feel it is mostly a wrong to seek such free services.
I feel it would be best if individuals Read More »
I am 22 years old male. I am doing architecture in Malaysia. Ok lets come to the main point. I am always weak in front of strong mentally people. I always afraid if people reject me. Every time people realize that I am weak and they try to take advantage of me. I dont have that much friend. I dont know whats wrong with me, why people choose me, why every time I am the victim. I have many thins to do in future. I become so vulnerable. I trust people so easily, because I want become their friend. But the thing is every time I betrayed by them. I know its so shame to be bullied by your surroundi Read More »