7 yr old boy, shy at first, but has alot of anger issues, hits his siblings, kicks at the dog, varies from day to day or week to week. He says he does not know why he acts this way, but he refuses to talk about it.

In any game or sport if he starts to lose he becomes mean and angry.

In school he is defiant, throws his shoes across the room, says he hates everyone. The teachers do not know how to handle him. School counselors are unfortunately, unsure what to do or say. Teachers/Counselors say he will sit there and not say one word, or crawl under the desk, when they ask him to do somet Read More »
I am 37 years old biologically. I have experienced more than one kind of trauma throughout my life. I have nightmares since i can remember about the sexual abuse. I have flashbacks, hallucinations, paranoia and periods of hypervigilance. I also have periods where I feel like a child and think like one too. I have a difficult time comforting myself. Why does my self-hatred run so deep; that i cannot even comfort myself in times of distress? I have so much to say...Thank you for listening... Read More »

my dad died when i was one my mother got married to another guy with me and my elder brother he is still her husband since the last 17 years and they both have a son. i always thought that we are a complete family until this random guy sent me an inbox wrongly which was supposed to be sent to my mother. i had my mothers facebook password reading all the conversations they had made me believe that they were having an affair i could'nt get over the fact that iam 20 and my brother is 22 i still managed enough courage to talk to her and ask her. and she refused saying that the guy is mad and has Read More »
Sometimes I feel so not motivated to do stuff, I get bad grades, I know I am better than my grades but sometimes I wonder what's the point about showing people my skills. Sometimes I feel I can do better than I do. People think I am stupid cuz I don't work enough, that I am lazy (that's true) but I don't waxnna be that guy anymore. I wanna be responsible, do what I mean to do, succesfully. I just wanna be the better version of myself. But I feel lazy, like doing nothing and I feel like nothing will motivate me do stuff. HELP. Read More »
What is the best way to overcome depression? How Can I stop dwelling in the past? Is shock treatment still available?

I'm extremely depressed, feeling worthless, hopeless & unloved. I'm a 48 yr. old female & I had a sad childhood. I lost my Mom at 14, I never knew my Dad & I was left alone to fin for myself causing me to be a hermit for 2 years. It's obviously effected my social skills. I barely have any friends, I do have 2 aunts (my mom's younger sisters)who I idolized then they just left me all alone at 14. Who does that? I met a man at 16, got married to avoid being put in a foster hom Read More »
I'm 19 in a few days and I find that yet again I'm falling into a pit of depression. I'm unemployed after a being made redundant from my part time job. I'm waiting for my AS level results and hoping that I make it into A2, it’s the holidays right now so I'm naturally a little down. I'm caring (and being paid) for my mother, whom I don’t get on with, never have in fact. She was admitted to hospital months after I was born with head injuries, that did irreversible damage, I know enough of psychology to say that due to a large period of separation we never developed an attachment, which is in a Read More »
For the past 3 years I basically feel nothing. I used to be quite cheery and optimistic, but after 10th grade that sort of died down. In around the of 11th grade, I became completely pessimistic, started hating everything and everyone. I think this mostly happened because my brother was going to a phase in his life where he would break walls and pick constant fights(he's two years older than me). He was diagnosed with depression and he sort of used this as a way to get privileges to travel to India, since we had family there my dad obliged to his request. One day before all of that, he became Read More »
Whatever may or may not be wrong with me, it started after I was raped when I was 12, which was 5 years ago now. I've had another traumatic event similar to this last November as well, which has made it worse.
I've suffered from several problems in terms of mental health, and I think it was triggered from what happened when I was younger. I suffer from flashbacks daily and I find it extremely difficult to talk about what happened. I've suffered from issues with my self esteem and body image for years, as well as self loathing - I attempted suicide aged 15 by overdosing and hospitalised myse Read More »

I feel depressed very often. It's been going on ever since I can remember myself. Why can't I just enjoy life like everyone else?

I feel ashamed of posting here about this because I simply can't find an objective reason for my sadness. I read some posts from other depressed people and didn't find anything similar so I decided to ask here. I'm a 27 years old woman with a master degree and a decent job. I live in my own house and I have a helpful, smart and good-looking boyfriend. I have friends to go out with. I don't have body image issues.

About my childhood, I was raised b Read More »
I'm not sure where to start but at the moment I feel hopeless, useless, withdrawn and hollow. I don't know what the best thing is for me right now and I hope some one may be able to advise. I'm 28 years old and in April this year moved country to live with my boyfriend. Prior to this I was living in a shared house and was working full time up until November 2011, when I was signed off work with reactive anxiety and depression after my mum told me about my dad's rape and abuse towards her (They divorced when I was 4, my mum is bipolar and my dad suffers with depression on and off). One of my d Read More »