I honestly dont know what to do anymore... i've tried going out with different people to see if i could like,or love again.But i just couldn't. And my emotions have become less and less. I can only be happy for about thirty second or sad. Other wise most of the time im just nothing,im not sad im not happy im not anything i feel very empty inside and i dont know what to do. I just want to feel again. And im scared that im going to get to a point where i can never feel anything again. And i hate it. I never think about the future or the past likei used too. i only think about whats now is now. Read More »
I'm 27 years old Married been 5years with 16 months old daughter.
I stay alone in my village house none around. I feel to low and lots of mood swings happen with me. I'm suffering from Hippo thyroid but my weight keeps on reducing 55Kg. i take lot of tension. my husband loves me but he spend 4-5 months in his job and whenever he comes home he is busy working around. and if he has time i don't talk to him. i don't go out much only t.v and internet is only source of entertainment. i don't have much friends and if they r i don't call them up. i feel that i'm sick of my like something is missing Read More »

Wtf! I'm a kidnaPping/repeat rape and child abuse victim who has suffered permanent catastrophic injuries as a result. The ENTIRE world is abusing and harrassing me because they expect me to just forgive the people and the actions! Bullshit! Why is everyone so shallow and heartless? Even after everything I've been through, shortly after filing a huge lawsuit someone ran me over with a truck and nearly killed me... The government is covering up the incidents and torturing me by doing so, in addition to many other vile atrocious abusive acts of terrorism aimed to specifically destroy my innocen Read More »
Hi, i am a 24 year old girl. I've been diagnosed with Resistant MDD(depression) for the past 2 years. And for the past 2 years I have not been improving. Treatments varied between 2 SSRIs (antidepressants) with added low dose anti psychotics as adjunct therapy since i had resistant depression. I also got what was called the Prozac poop out. every new combination seemed to work for a couple of months then i would crash back. I never had manic or even hypomanic behavior, Severe insomnia was the worst symptom i had even worse than cry spells and low self esteem. Finally my psychiatrist decided I Read More »
I've noticed that when an acquaintance of mine ended her relationship, she too was depressed but made himself busy with work and surrounded herself with other people. And it seems like she's healing. Myself however... mine ended 3 years ago and I fell into a major pit of depression. As an introvert I felt like I didn't have many friends I could open up to about it and so I held it in and let it fester. 3 years later and I'm still not over my ex; masochistically checking up on her because I feel empty when I don't. I'm also working and trying to distract myself but at the end of the day I alwa Read More »
Hi, im Nicole and im 14 years old. Well im dating a kid who I really like and he loves me. I've been having a lot of depression lately and I just dont know what to do. I look at myself in the mirror and I think I'm ugly and fat. Everyone tells me im beautiful and not fat at all but i can never believe them. In school everyday people would make fun of me saying im fat and ugly. I also get made fun of because i have red hair and very pale skin. I also play Xbox live and i get made fun of because of that also. My brother will be very nice to me at times but he will just flip and tell me that im Read More »
i'm not looking for a therapist. i just need to know whether i need to go to a doctor and seriously consider some sort of medication i'm not diagnosed for anything but i feel i would be for depression or bipolar if not both if i went somewhere. i just dont know if its all in my head or if i should really do something. considering ive been having troubles since i was 12 and am now 20. i just don't know what to do.i use to be a really active person and now i just feel dead all the time no energy to will power feelings of complete and total apathy. not interest in the things i should or use to b Read More »
Hi. I've been struggling for the past 4 years with this feeling/behaviour and I really need someone's opinion because I feel like I'm going crazy!!!!!!

My feelings are all mixed up. I went to a psychologist for about 2 years but it feels as if i can't be truely honest with her (or anybody else no matter who it is). Even typing this message is difficult to tell exactly what I'm feeling and being honest.She gave me medication but it doesn't help... or I'm not sure. It feels as if I can change my feelings and behaviour without any medication. It feels as if this is only happening in my head a Read More »
i have an issue with my parents that whatever they have thought me, go through various experiences in my life & learn out of it..for each an every thing i had to struggle,they made me realize the value of that thing,& then only they end up giving it to me...this made an image in my mind that whatever my parents will do will be for my good..
from many days am observing that this is not the case with my younger brother!!this thing is giving me an inferior complex that being a girl child..am not going to be with them for their lifetime so all these things are irritating me,which is depriving me Read More »
Ok so for the past few months I have been feeling depressed and have been having feelings of self loathing anxiety, emptiness basicly every symptom of depression and I also have a history of self mutilating and lately those urges of harming myself has come back... I do not know what do about it, whether to tell my parents or not, cause it is really starting to freak me out especially cause I am only 17 years old. And frankly I do not think my parents will understand or try to help me since they are the kind of parents that will tell me it is nothing, and my friends who I have told, told me I Read More »