Help!!! I am married with 3 children I love my wife and kids but I have a life old secret ... I'm bi sexual I think my wife is on to it because she has caught me looking at gay porn before. I don't know what to do we have been married for 11 years we are young and she really wants to leave me but she won't! I love her and want to stay but I'm very obsessed with one of my male friends and he knows it. We haven't had any sexual relations but we flirt all the time ok this gets crazy, it goes as far as him sending me pics of his privates because I asked for them. He also always teasing me with wh Read More »
First off, let me just tell you some details that may or may not be insignificant.

My brother is a 'star athlete' and my parents would chose him over me any day. My mom is very conceited, and strives to be a 'trophy wife'. My father is a alcoholic and emotionally abuses me. Everyone in my family (my parents and brother) put me down constantly.

Okay, now, onto me. I'm fourteen years old (I'm young, I know). I've been struggling with suicidal thoughts since fifth grade (I'm in ninth grade now). In the sixth grade I began cutting because my friend did it and said it was a way to let out h Read More »

I just get married last april. I don't have any problem with my husband but its the mother in law that always cause me depression. During my wedding, my mother in law didn't talked to me or congratulate me at all. Instead, she tried to dance and always beside the ex gf (person1) of my husband. I didn't take that serious since the ex gf if her my mom in law cousin. I tried to ignored it despite the fact that I'm already hurting. She keep ignoring me for many days that she stayed at my parents house. A day after my wedding, I post in a social network some of my wedding photo with my husband, wh Read More »
How do you help a severely depressed friend? I have a severely depressed friend that I am really really worried about,he is my best friend and he's hurting so bad and I don't know how to help him.I let him know I AM and WILL always be there for him whenever he needs me to be there,I give him unconditional support all the time and I let him know that he's my best friend and that I care about him.He lost his job recently and his own mother won't have anything to do with him,he's 28 years old and he's the sweetest guy you would ever wanna meet.
His fiancĂ© left him the night before their weddin Read More »
I am 30 year old, male, living in usa for the last 10 years. I should say that my life is in a constant state of social misery. I have no friends, no family, no gf, nobody i could even simply talk to. I have a job that doesnt require talking and is not a best place to meet people. At this point of time i lost any interest in life and people. I feel myself like a ghost. I have zero motivation to push myself forward on a career level. I see no future for myself and recently i got very suicidal.
I dont know if the problem is me or thats just the nature of this society. I am not looking for an Read More »
hai .. my name is bo ..i am a transman ..even im not started my transition yet , but deep inside , i know i am a man ..the problem is , my family. let me start since im young .when im a kids,i have weight family,my cousin,all my relative laughing to me.they hurt my feeling..a lot ..they never understand how i feeling.they teased me, they make a joke of me.i never tell them my feeling,i just smile and smile, and make a fake smile my entire mom n dad never accept me the way i am.they always said i had done a lot of sin to change the way god create me.they said i am imp Read More »
I've only recently been diagnosed with moderate to severe depression within the last year, but I've had it much longer (to a smaller degree). When I was six, I was molested by an older sister. My parents divorced around the same time, my dad's a pretty bad alcoholic and I hardly ever see my mom. I guess I've always had it somewhat rough but I never really thought of myself as a depressed individual. It never affected the way I communicated with my friends and it made a very small impact on my self-confidence.

It wasn't until this past February. I was in love (or puppy love) at the mere age Read More »
First off he jokes a lot. All the time, it's what he's known for.

He drinks a lot, almost every night. But whether he's drunk or not he always makes jokes about killing himself. None of his family sees to notice it and if they do they never say anything, but it's starting to worry me.
He'll say things like "I'm just gonna drink a bunch of alcohol and jump off the bridge" or he says "will you miss me?" "you're gonna regret doing that when you hear that I jumped off it" "I can't take this shit anymore, im gonna jump" and just all types a things like that, but in a joking matter.
Also wh Read More »
Hello. So today is fathers day. And I was abuse by my dad all my life until I finally reported it last Novemer. I haven't seen my dad in over a year, and today was really hard. Anyways, I went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago becuase I was having suicidal thoughts. My mom got me a therapist but I just saw her yesterday and I tend to notice that when I'm there I hide things that are really bothering me. It's just the way she talks about the things that are going on... And also I have been cutting. My pastor my Best friend and my moms friend (practically my aunt) knows. My moms friend is t Read More »


I've been suffering a lot from brain fog recently. I don't even know if this is how you call it. I just did some research and I think this is what it's called. This is how I feel and I've been feeling this almost everyday. I wake up and I completely feel like my brain can't be awaken in a good state. I feels like I drank a lot of alcohol the previous night and I'm not having a really bad hangover. I just can't feel sober. However, I did not consume any alochol for the past 6 months. I am not alocholic or on drugs. I also learned that depression causes brain fogs.

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