Hi. I have looked all over the internet for help with this issue I have and I am giving up on finding a "simple" answer. I have been in a loving relationship for over 4 months now. My girlfriend seems like the answer to all my prayers and everything I have ever wanted. However, as a stupid male, I made the mistake of asking about previous relationships and sexual encounters. I learned that my recently turned 19 year old GF has had over 30 sexual partners. I am 29 and I dont even have that many. I thought I handled the situation maturely and refrained from judging although I was very curious w Read More »
Okay I hate to bring this up again, but I think that guy I told you about before is still driving around here.

I haven't seen anything around here since the last time I talked (emailed) to him about a month ago I guess. But for one thing I got out of the habit of going out of the house at night. My sleep schedule is always irregular and now I get up super early and do my outside errands in the morning.

But last night I did go out at night and I got home around maybe 10 pm, was gone shopping and stuff for about an hour and a half. A car from the other cross street turned in front of me a Read More »

Hello :)

Well, I recently moved back w/ my parents after college and I am looking for some support. The last 2 yeers were hard because I had a lot of changes in my life and I was having some anxiety.
I am really happy and hopeful about jobs and grad school in the near future.

My problem is that when something happens ( any where from a bad day to something serious like a family member in the hospital) I dont have support and I dont know where to find it.

My parents and brother are not availbale because they are busy w their own life, or fixing my brothers drama and all of them h Read More »
I am 16 I have currently been with my boyfriend who is 18 for over a year now and lately I have been getting the feeling we should break up. We both just aren't communicating together like we used to. At the beginning of our relationship we would always talk about anything but as time went on we don't talk about anything and when I do call to talk to him he is just playing a video game and doesn't really give me the time of day. We have had sex in our relationship but I wonder if that might be a cause of our depleting relationship. In a year he will be going off to the air force and I'm not Read More »
I am trying to learn how to not be controlling in my intimate relationship. I know it's fear based. I try to not react immediately to what triggers me but I constantly revert to being an 8 year old and this happens when I start to really like someone. I'm a responsible adult in all areas of my life except this one and I want to be in a healthy relationship. Is there anyone working on the same issue and if so, what are you doing and how are you changing? This is so tough. Read More »
im 18 and i still live with my mom my dad has been out of the house for almost 3 years now due to domestic violence but this isnt the point to what i need help with ive slept in the same bed with my mom since i have been almost 4 years old and now when she doesnt want to sleep in the same bed it almost upsets me and when she trys to bring guys home cas she wants to date again i get jelious... here lately ive even been thinking about asking my mom to have sex with me i dont know why it has been crossing my mind im just attracted to her and really want to but im afraid it will be the wrong choi Read More »
I have a problem, Me and my husband been married for 1 year and 3 months now and when we started dating sex was never an issue with the 2 of us, we always kept that spark between us. He's in the military and he was deployed last year for 7 months and we would always talk about sex and how things would be when he got back. But, there have been some infidelity going on in the relationship, we both forgave each other and moved on from it, but now since he have been back from deployment we have been fighting and arguing going on and he have been throwing out there how much he is tired of the argu Read More »
I havent exactly had the best of luck in relationships. I havent always acted in the best ways, but I havent ever been disloyal. Ive learned a lot from these failed relationships, about how to be a better boyfriend, how to be more supportive, and how to understand how my partner is feeling, and how to communicate better. Ive been cheated on several times, and in the past year, things have gotten bad in my relationships. I had been seeing a girl for over half a year, and I developed a sickness that no doctor could diagnose correctly. I went to 5 doctors, and none could tell me exactly what was Read More »
Let me first start by saying that I have issues with trust in women. I have been lied to and cheated on by several women. Im currently in a relationship now, and Im unsure of myself, for reasons I dont understand. Thats why Im writing this. I started seeing this girl, and I have felt so lucky and so blessed to be with her, as I had been interested in her for over 8 months. She was funny, smart, witty, kind, and ridiculously sexy. She tells me how great of a guy I am, that she doesnt understand how Im not married yet, etc. I found out that she too has been treated really bad as well by the opp Read More »
What if he kisses me or makes a move on me?
I'm 14 and I like my one of my very closest friend's ex. Skater Boi (bff's ex) recently asked me out and I like him. He's really sweet and always makes me smile. I'm not sure if he likes me or if he's just being a flirt bcuz he's known to flirt with a lot of girls (only wen he's single). He's played with my hands, hugged me and not wanted to let go, winked at me as well as thrown kisses at me from across the room, said "No one's looking! Let's make out!", thrown something at me followed by me asking "What did you just throw at me?" followed by him Read More »