Hi. I'm 17 years old and in high school.I've had problems with one of my teachers lately and have even seen the school counsellor about these problems. He is obsessive towards me and is very over-protective. He sometimes scares me. This year had gone out of control. I could not deal with him anymore so I slipped up and told him that I hate him. We(he and I) talked to the principal about the situation and my counseller helped me through the year. He and I sorted out oour differences or so I thought until, he completely ignored me then the next week he tried to keep one of my friends away from Read More »
I've been friends with this girl for 5 yrs. The first 1 yr I had not a single complaint with the friendship. We spoke in some form (IM, Text, Phone, Email) seemingly 50 times a day, so much so that when I went away for a 4 day trip she said to me "What am I going to do when you're gone?"

Some of the people she knew her whole life were in very volatile friendships with her and I took her side always because I didn't see any of the behavior the others were mentioning.

Background on the friend. Has lived in the same city her whole life. She had a strange relationship with her now divorc Read More »

I leave him because i love him to much to stay and play his games and the wait is driving me insane. I come back to him and he takes me back in a heart beat, this time he is mean, I guess he has had enough. I explained to him the reason why, It isnt good enough, Im not good enough. He gets me up to let me down and knowing that it hurts me does it more and more. I hurt myself bad and cant stand myself for letting go the first time, I am trying to make up for it but its not working, he is jerking me like a turkey. Broken Promises for Broken hearts Read More »
My boyfriend and i had been dating for 6 months, and then the previous July my boyfriend's best friend called me to tell me that my boyfriend had cheated on me with another girl. At that point i was so aggravated i called him to ask him about it and realized it was true and told him I couldn't see him anymore even though it hurt because i loved him. Then a couple months went by and then in October he asked if we could meet up to see how each other were doing and catch up. I figured there wasn't any harm it that so we went and got coffee together and just caught up on our lives and had fun. La Read More »
My bf and I known each other for three years now.. we break up and make up, pretty much every two or 3 monts. Beside when we first started dating. We have had so many awfull fights. It gotten physical no one in my family sides knows and the friends of my mine that knew quit talking and hang out with me, his parents knows and even came and inturepted a few fights before. Some of my biggest issue with him were or still is. Trust,addiction problem,and to attache to me, like he's can't be alone. I have had so many mix emotions about me and him sometimes I just shut myself down. But then everytime Read More »
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I am 26 years old and have been working for in a sales position job for the past 6 months and have yet to make a sale. I have presented several proposals to clients some even with the help of my boss. I am paid commission only so I have not made any money and have been barely getting by with the help of my bf and a $600/month edd check which recently ended 2 weeks ago. After living w/ my bf for 2 years our relationship wasn't the best and now that he is supporting me financially it has gotten even worse. He has always been the type to have an excu Read More »
I have been with my fiancé for 2.5 years. We are supposed to get married next spring. He has a 6 year old son from his previous marriage. I love my fiancé and his son very much, but I frequently feel like an outsider looking in. I do not feel very included in family life. My fiancé is a wonderful man for the most part, but he is a people pleaser and often it seems as though he is more interested in pleasing his ex wife than he is in pleasing me. What I mean by this is that he believes that appeasing his ex wife's every whim is the best way to ensure his son's happiness. She is very domineeri Read More »
Hello, I am a 20 year old gay male. I have always had feelings about being gay since I was in grade school (ages 7-9), and it was not until I reached high school (age 14), that I finally accepted my sexuality, and came out. Since then, I have always been okay with being gay, and have always helped other people cope with their sexual orientation, and been very involved with the LGBT. I have had many relationships with guys, and have been sexually active since I was a teenager, and always enjoyed it.
However, this past May- so around six months ago, I went through a very bitter break up with m Read More »
Hey there,

I've never done this before so please bare with me. I've known this guy about 7 years ago and I really considered him as a brother and was never attracted to him until 2 years ago. He is older than me by 3 years but I always knew that he liked me, everyone from our friends knew it but i never considered it because I could never of imagined myself with him until up to 2 years ago where I feel madly in love with him. I actually fell in love with his personality, in some ways he made me fall in love with him because he would always say the right thing, and always do the right thing Read More »
Ok so my boyfriend and I have been together about a year and during that year his drug use has gotten more regular and although he denies it , the paranoia and anger he has is concerning. We have been fighting all the time lately as I have a problem with every thing I say or do being questioned everyday so I get immediately defensive. I have never cheated or anything to deserve the constant doubt he has in me. Also , we have broken up a few times and he painted me as some lying enabler to his parents which made them hate me and now he won't tell them we are back together and it makes me feel Read More »