im 17 soon to be 18 ive never had a father that cared about me all he did was beat my mom and me and came at me with a knife im loseing my home ive known my entire life and my gf broke up with me said i was too clingy but all i did wrong was want to spend too much time with her i cared for her bought her things just to see her smile did things with her i was scaerd to do because i knew she wanted to do it and one day we were sitting on the couch cuddleing with each other holding hads her head laying on my shoulder she looked up locked eyes with me and kissed me my first kiss and then the next Read More »
HI, I am a 30 year old woman who has had anxiety since I was 24. Back then, it was bad, and I would over think EVERYthing in my life.. carrying 'am I good enough /doing enough?" at work with me, and just overthinking my capabilities. What is strange, is that I am a person who is EXTREMELY responsible, and a MAJOR people pleaser. My mother is manic, and I have just started realizing a lot of my anxiety has stemmed from me thinking I'm just not good enough.. minimizing my Worth. She would verbally abuse me most days , and criticize EVERY single thing I ever did, felt, or said.

I actually wen Read More »

Hi, I know I have issues with daydreaming and asking this is my first step of acknowledging it. I can day dream 24/7 sometimes I'd rather do that then even live my own life. the sad part is my life isn't bad it's great really. But I day dream about the stuff in life that I know will never happen. I say I know it won't happen because people can not fly with out machines. the stuff i day dream about ranges from mystical super powers to having intercourse with people I know and made up people. I plan out so many senrio's in my head and when someone interupts me when I'm doing this I get snippy. Read More »
Hi, I'm going to keep myself annonymous, because I'm not sure who might be tailing me. LOL, No joke. Ok, so heres my issue, I am 25 years old, female, Currently seperated from my husband and seeking a divorce,I have two kids, I am in school to become a paralegal, and working PT training to be a piercologist. I know polar opposites, but I enjoy both...
ISSUE 1:since my husband and I have brought out that we are seperating and going for divorce MY family has become two-faced and bitter toward me. I am the type of person who tries to make everyone happy. during my training for piercing I've be Read More »
Well, where to start? I have been with my husband for 13 years married 9 we have 4 children together one son 15 , 3 daughters 4,7,10. Before I go into this I will say that besides our "problem" my husband has been everything I have ever dreamed of in a husband and father and has treated me like a queen for most of our relationship. So... problem? PORN!! In the beginning when I would find things around the house or come across hidden pornograpghy and confront him he would just deny deny deny. And i would always let it go and end up believing him when I had my suspicions. He has always worked l Read More »
I am 24 and had a beautiful relationship with the girl whom I loved since I was 16. We were together for 6 years. I took care of her and was there for her when she was alone with all her troubles. I truly loved her and still do. I was never able to see a tear in her eyes and did everything to make her happy. 2 years before she went to a different city to do her studies. I was a little insecure about how will she be able to take care of herself. I was disturbed when she talked to other guys or got social because I wanted to protect her from selfish people.If she did such thing, i used to scold Read More »
I know, there are two sides to every story. I will do my best to account for both sides, as I believe in taking my own share of the blame.

My husband and I have been married for 2 years - together for 3. We have 4 kids between us - all are out of high school now. In the beginning, our sex life was good, most of the time it was great! Then something happened - I don't know what, but things changed - almost like a light switch had been turned off. I always thought it was because I refused to give him oral sex, in the daytime, in a parking lot. I thought somehow, my rejecting him had caused h Read More »
Hello , i got married 3 months ago my husband was great until we start living in the same house , his ex wife told me many times that he was agressive and he use to beat her up and cheat on her i did not bealive her i thought she was trying to sabotage my marriage . But she was not lying.
I foud out that my husband is addited to prostitutes and when i confront him about it he beat me , and that is when all started . Every argument we have he beat me and he threat me if i tell anybody or call the police he gets me deported ( i am illegal ) so i dont know what to do if i write a letter to his Read More »
Hi everyone.
I think I should start by writing that I am biologically female but can't recognize myself in the classical definition of the female gender. I guess that makes me a gender queer.
I'm telling that because I think that might be part of my problem.
I am 18 years old, still a virgin and I am very informed about sex and very excited about it. I am attracted to pretty much every gender existing, men, women and even trans. The thought of people having sex, no matter their gender or looks, arouses me. Until now, no problem.
But the thing is, whenever I try to picture myself having s Read More »
I am 21..I live with both of my parents..My main problem is with my mother..No matter what i do it is never good enough..all my life my parents abuse each other and that is all i see with them..I have a boyfriend that i been dating for some time and he is really good to me he always want to be around me and he feel as if he is unwanted by my mother.. Every time i get in augment with my mother is either call me names about my size or she say i am the reason of her marriage failing or she she tell me she does not love me or she bring up something about my boyfriend and start saying negative nam Read More »