I have dated this guy on and off for about 3 months. It came to where we would get paranoid if we didn't talk several times a week. (let's say his name is "C".) we fought more when we were together for the first few weeks. My parents hate him even though he did nothing wrong. They did everything possible to keep us apart. Both him and I work at the same place and see eachother once every other week. It was so stressful on us when we couldn't see eachother outside of work cause we were labeling us as together. But, when we didn't put a lable on us, we didn't get as stressed out. But, we have a Read More »
I have a girlfriend but im getting really tired of her complaining. She currently lives out of state and its a long distance relationship. While she was here she would never let me do anything but be with her. Her, Her, Her 24/7. I had no time for myself. Now that she has left I can do whatever i want. I have stayed truthful this whole time. She is constantly complaining that i am cheating and i cant take it. I HAVE been talking to this girl and ive began to have feelings for her, But, she considers me just a friend and I think that it will never go farther than that. I dont know if i should Read More »

Hello. My boyfriend and I started dating 3 months ago. It is the best relationship Ive ever been in and I am very happy with him. One week ago I told him I was inlove with him and the next day he randomly texted me saying he wants to go on a break. I never seen this comming, I thought everything was going perfectly. I was thinking he was scared by what I said but he assured me it had nothing to do with me telling him I was inlove with him. The reason he said was because he was afraid we would "drift apart" because we dont talk much when we are not together. I found this to not be true, if any Read More »
My boyfriend who is 19 and I who am 17 have been dating for 4 months. About a week ago out of the blue he texted me "We need a break." The break was because he felt we were going to driift apart because we dont communicate when we arent together. I found that to be crap and not true. At that point I thought our ralationship was over. It gave me hope when we kept texting me saying he loved me and misses me terribly. I was so confused. The other day my close friend told me he cheated on me with a girl from her yoga class. I was devistated because I knew that girl WAS at his house a few weeks ag Read More »
Okay, before I start I just wanted to mention that I never dated/ had a boyfriend before this.

But in summer 2011 this guy messaged me on facebook. We are both hockey fans so I accepted him. He told me that he thought I was cute. So we started texting. It only lasted about 2 weeks. But we started talking again in Sepetember. We text every day but we were just friends. We met for the first time in November at a hockey game. It was during intermission so it was only for a few minutes. We talked a little and took a picture together. Later that night he text me saying that he thought I was th Read More »
i want to know if my boyfriend is a sociopath or pathological liar idk i looked online but i want to tell you how he is....he treats me good and tells me he loves me all the time but he lies a lot...he lied to me about his name when i first met him..i found out his real name from his ex she told me they were married and had three kids but i met his son and he told me he had only one son...and he says they were never married tht she just said that because she didnt want us together and i believed him...then he would tell me if my phone bill ever goes high he would pay it and that i just ask h Read More »
We've been together with my boyfriend for one month. Our feelings to each other are very intense and I never been in my life so fast with feelings as with him. Our love was beautiful but then he told me that once he tried to commit a suicide in the past because of his ex girlfriend. He said that he was really drunk when he did that and he is really ashamed of it. That was 3 years ago and I am his first love after the last relationship. He never been to therapist and I think the way he tried to help himself is through meditation as he meditate every day. He is actually good friend with his e Read More »
So I'm in a relationship with a person who lives half way across the world and it's hard because when i'm waking up he is going to bed and I have been debating on whether staying with him or breaking up with him, I've been thinking about ending it but i just can't.Every time i bring up the situation up he avoids it and it's been making me really depressed and i just don't know what to do anymore. Read More »
Me and my ex-boyfriend have been broken up for 5 months and were together for 9 months.
After we broke up I got together with a new guy pretty soon.
My ex has aspergers syndrome.
Ever since we've broke up he has caused me certain problems Eg. came to my house and demanded to see me, thrown stones at window, constant calling, made up a fake new girlfriend, sent threatening email, verbal abuse, made up lies to mutual friends and lastly sent around private 'pictures' to a group of people that I do not know. I've never really gotten over it even though we have had no contact for a month, I Read More »
I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend now for 1 yr and 6 months. He kissed his ex the day after we started going out, then told me and I forgave him. Then it has been a jealousy thing with both of us, not being able to stand another girl or guy too talky to us both. He has hide things from me and basically messed with other girls and I still stayed with him, because we can talk and have fun together. but i dont know what to do anymore, we hurt eachother back and forth, and he has the tendenssy to get back at me for anything that he didnt like. He shows he cares, and watches over me Read More »