Hi there,

I've been together with my girlfriend for almost a year now. She's never done anything wrong to me; never cheated, never flirted with someone else.

Few months after we started dating, I found out that before me, she had been together with a guy that I knew. They were not exactly on a relationship, but more sex friends. Then in the summer before I met her, she was in a Greek island (Ios, which is very touristic and famous for party and sex) and she had several encounters which included only getting drunk, dancing and kissing. Lastly, the day before I met her; she kissed anothe Read More »
Well, I was wondering if the desire I have is self-destructive. Now, for the background.

I've, been wearing my moms bras & panties for as long as I can remember. She would get mad in the beginning, but would eventually not care about me wearing her bras. She is a B. The panties were considered off-limits, but I would wear her swimsuit bottoms without consequences. When my dad met & married my stepmom, I was excited about the possibility of a bigger cup size, and more variety. My stepmom is a natural DD. However, she forbade it from happening. So I would steal them and keep them until I wa Read More »

My boyfriend and I have very strong personalities. But i feel as if make me feel lower than him. he makes me feel as if i am stupid and when we fight he has to be right and he will tell me to be quiet over and over agian. he gets annoyed of me really easily over stupid stuff like how i clean and just different ways of doing stuff he gets annoyed cause its not his way. i know he loves me and i cheated on him a while back ago but weve been best friends and can make it through anything. my family feels as if he is trying to control me. i see it sometimes but i dont know forsure its scary thinkin Read More »
My now ex bf have been together for 6 1/2 years, thick and thin. We're best friends too. We started dating when I was 20 and him 19. We've always relied on eachother for anything. I moved to college and graduated a year ago, him he still has about another 6 months left. Things were fine up till about month ago. In our college group of friends, he started coming home real late (we share a place for close to a year) course students life that's how it is sometimes..but he started hanging around this one chick in our group, she broke up with her ex and started flirting with everyone in the group Read More »
My girlfriend has cheated on me before. It all started before we got together. She had already really liked me but about 2 weeks before we got together I was bringing a friend to the school we both attend. And for the two weeks I talked about my friend a lot and my girlfriend to be thought that my friend Veronica was all that mattered to me. And this made her jealous and when we finally got together my girlfriend was worried I would leave her. So she got with this Guy for a bit so that when I left she wouldn't be alone. But I didn't leave and I proved to her u wouldn't leave her. So she cut t Read More »
i cheated on my fiance. i am 21 and still young, me and him have known eachother for 3 years and we were perfect. we had our ups and downs but we were fine. well i never was the party girl and my best friend was asking me to go to a party well me and my fiance got in a fight and i had just went well while there i had drinks kissed another guy caught myself and left well i did alot of things behind his back for friends and being popular and having fun. he had already gone through all that party stuff and i havent well i reliezed i was messing around with the wrong people and i hurt someone i t Read More »
hi im so confused right now im just going to write everything from the beginning...On october of last year i met a guy online he told me his name was carlos and he was 27 i was 21...i gave him my number from the beginning he was just a really nice guy we both went through similiar things w our exs so we understood eachother....he was still having problems with his ex who he had a son with supposively she was a drug addict and she would hit him and she would always ask him for money...so anyways we met for the fitst time the day after he didnt text me i thought that was weird wel i was at wor Read More »
My girlfriend recently called me my distant friend's name after being half awake to tell me/him to stop pulling the sheets off of her. When she said the name it was very clear and in context of sleeping in the bed. We have had a tumultuous relationship for over 7 yrs on and off, only having 3 yrs of supposed infidelity. I have never cheated on her, but she has at different points of the breaks, with people who are at least somewhat acquainted to me. She has two kids who I adore, which is a large part of the reason that I have stayed with her and the fact that we had both had severe financ Read More »

Why after all this my bf still call me everyday, still comes to visit me and treaats me good even if I ignore him. He takes me out and thanks me for going out with him, he says that I should not let my imagination grow wild and I should just be a little patient. I just dont get it. I told him to stay with the other girl, because its obvious thats who he likes, and he said to me that the situation is just complicated and I should not worry. I told him I did not like the fact that the other lady was staying at the house and he told me that nothing has happened, its eight days now and he has Read More »
Here i am again, hurt by her. When all i wanna do is smile and be happy with myself she tears me down yet again. why? probaly because i care about her. i just wish with every fiber of my being that i didnt. I would be so much better off. I want to stop this cycle. No talking, then a text to her or from her, then i start all over again and end up at this point again. My parents tell me she not the one and she only wants wants worst for me but why dont i listen. I gotta be too young for this i'm only 18. I have a job interview and i gotta focus. The problem is i got school too but i might see h Read More »