Ever since we had our second child (June 2012) I don't want to be around my husband, everything he does is wrong to me , it bothers me but the thing is that he is so good to me he goes above and beyond for the kids and my self. I feel like getting married was the wrong thing to do.
We used to work together and for two years I liked him very much but he did not noticed me. Finally we started our relationship and it was great, I have never been with somebody that treats me and loves me like he does. So I do not understand why I feel like this and even sex sucks now.
I want to run away and wa Read More »
I started seeing this guy about 6 months ago and everything seem to be going fine. He calls me 3 or mor times a day everyday and picks me up all the time. He takes me to his house he makes me dinner, we bake bread and cakes together. He takes me out to functions, beach picknics or just driving. Two months after my phone broke and he gave me a new one which broke about a week after, he went and bought me a brand new one again. I met his sister, brother and best friends and it was just great. Unfortunately before he met me he was involved with another woman from out of town. She called and Read More »

My boyfriends 17 &I looked through my computer, &i found a bunch of pictures of little girls, like 7 to 13, on there, &hes jacking off to them. I kno he's not acting them out, bc we live together, we're together 24/7.. I mean everyone has fantasies right? Some ppl have rape fantasies, other ppl roleplay the father-daughter thing..I just need to kno if its something I need to be concerned about.. Read More »
Hello..My boyfriend for 2 and a half years cheated on me..he had one night stand with another girl..We have a long distance relationship...We are live in partner before I left ..its been 5 months since I left our country..I really dont know what to do and I cant forget the fact that he did that..I trust him so much..he said he will never do it again and he will do everthing to regain my trust and my love..he said its just one night and never do that again.Do I have to give him second chance?pls answer thank you! Read More »
Just in case you were wondering, things are calm around here. Against the advice of my parents, I wrote his mother right after the newspaper incident and called the police, and spoke to them about him and the time I heard shots outside my house.

The police took me seriously. Funny the police said other people have already called in about him. Oohh. That goes contrary to his public, happy go lucky, persona. I wonder who those people are. But I didn't ask, I didn't think they would tell me. But it would make sense, it is not just me experiencing this. They were very interested in some detai Read More »
Life has been a struggle for me in many ways. I've been dealing with porn addiction, compulsive masturbation, and OCD. I've only gotten treatment on the OCD, but only in minor help. The issue I'm going to describe is of incest, an obsession that I've had since I hit puberty.
In life there is always that one person who accepts you for you, and in my case it's been my mom. She has supported me when I was going through some GID issues, and lingerie theft from my sister. She bought me my own, and allowed me to wear them around her, and didn't mind when I filled the cups of my bras. But at that Read More »
Well I been dating this guy for about 4 months now and we've been on and off for 2 years. I've known him my whole life our families are best friends and everything. But he's my first serious boyfriend,and my first love, my first everything. Which is why it's probably so hard to just end it. About a month ago he cheated on me with his ex,and he was drunk and he told his parents and he didn't wanna loose me and everything. But now I feel like hes always cheating on me. I had to forgive him and I didn't wanna break up. And although it was probably stupid to get back with him. It was my descion. Read More »
My boyfriend is in alcohol treatment now but he has an addiction to phone sex he says it's not me bht it hurts like heck. He says be lkves me can I elieve him Read More »
From the start of the relationship, she constantly brought up situations where an ex did this or that, and I felt like I was always paying for their mistakes.
From Day ONE, she would drink everyday. It gradually got worse, as she’d try to get drunk nearly every night.
-She told me about the abuses in her life, from her stepfather, her mom, her brother, and all of her exes; I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the best thing that ever happened to her.I took care of her like nobody before.
- If she was running low on cash, Id help out with gas for her car. Id bring her lunch up at work Read More »
Well I've been getting really mad at my boyfriend for the littlest thing. Its gone to the point where I think he's fed up with me. I tell him not to do something and he does it. He works and goes to school so hes sleeping most of the time and im stuck with the baby i want him to help out but he doesnt. I stress out about a lot if things, such as my daughter ,school, and my home life such as money. I sleep 5 hours a day my little girl is a handfull and. I Basically do it myself. I feel like I'm ruining our relationship cause I get mad a lot and I don't know what to do anymore. I love him so Read More »