I have been with my partner for 3 years and it has been wonderful/challenging. We fight a lot because of my mood swings mainly over jealousy and the past. I can't seem to let it go even after all this time and so many fights. It always comes back to haunt me. He has been honest with me throughout all of it. He has told me he has been with a lot of people and found it hard to find the 'one'. He was my first sexual relationship. He hasn't cheated/lied about anything but i still can't seem to get it out of my mind that it is somehow doomed? When we are happy it is amazing and thats why we are st Read More »
I've been on and off with my ex for 2 years and for the last several months it's been a nightmare with him if we are not together he harasses me at my job every time I stop talking to him. I found out he was cheating on me when I was living with him and pregnant too. It was always a rocky relationship and when I got back with him a month later he left me for another chick and I think he cheated on me with this girl but not sure. Again stopped talking to him he kept calling so I finally answered him back. He tells me he loves me and wants to be with me but wanted to take things slow and not ru Read More »

Well I just read in the local paper that the guy I thought was driving around my house here was arested on trespassing charges. He knocked on the door of a women who didn't know him and tried to scare her. I don't want to go into the actual details. He didn't actually do anything but the cops found im.

I knew it. I told you all. Anyone who does anything like this is not normal. It's shows some sort of pyschosexial deviacny. And what we know about these people is they do not usually get better but progress.

At first I though him driving around here was cute and kind of ronantic. But then Read More »
I'm 25 yrs n been in a relation for almost 4 yrs now.
I met him soon after my graduation, he is extra caring n loving but at the same too concern.
We've been thru a rough patch off lately n things have not gone to normal as they were before .. I dun feel the same way for him anymore .. Every time i thing about breaking up but im held back because i know he will be totally shattered.
Now i'm totally confused hez very close to my family as well, but i'm nt sure whether i still love him.
This being my 1st relationship makes it even more difficult for me.
we have spoken about this but he doe Read More »
I recently talked to my mom about a whole bunch of issues. The main points that I talked about having were; Depression, OCD, ICD, and sexual matters. She suggested that I get help after I told her about my obsessions and fantasies of having incest sex with her, and wanting her to put on a strapon and do me. I didn't tell her that I masturbate to the thought of doing it with her and I cum every single time, and that it arouses me more than thinking about my G cup sister. I also mentioned my addiction to porn & masturbation, and buying things that I don't need & regretting it almost immediatly Read More »
My partner and I have been together for a couple of years. We each came out of relationships that weren't positive. We each have kids (myself 3 and him 1). We decided to take things really slow and build on our relationship- not only for our benefit but for our children as well (my kids were very traumatised after I left their dad- there were ongoing issues, no physical abuse but essentially i fell out of love with him after over a decade together. We met as teenagers and had our first child within a year. recipe for disaster when you're too young to even know who you are let alone what you w Read More »
In short, a long time male friend of mine has been hinting that he might want to be more than a friend.
I am best friends with his sister and I was staying the night after a movie.
Some serious sexual stuff happened between me and him.
I have had a crush on him for a while, and I had been brushing off his advances only because he has a girlfriend and he is a few years older than me (He is a senior and I am a freshman).
I know it was wrong, and I really worried that this will have fucked up our friendship. I don't know how to talk to him about it. And if any of my friends find out I am pr Read More »
i have been with the same guy for seven years. we use to be really close and i used to be very cuddly and sexualy interested. the last coupple years there has been unemployment issues along with many others. it has been very difficult raising my daughter. ive had problems with friends and family. ive had problems with my pets (and a friends pet) going potty in my house and ruining my things. some of my family members have been quite ill. ive had several run ins with child protection being involved in my life. most of the time it is me thats takes responsibility for all of the above. i take ca Read More »
Perhaps you can help me. I am currently undergoing an exciting but difficult situation. Let's say I am fairly stressed, borderline exhausted from moving house, and dealing with the emotions of a recent, rich, amorous relationship. Whenever I am alone, I relive past conversations, outloud, only in reaction to whatever my imagined partner says in my mind. I find myself laughing, speaking loudly, with emphasis, even gesticulating. It can become very animated, I become excitable, and feel the need to release, vent my tension through words, justifications, exclamations, etc. I really enjo Read More »
I am a 13 year old male and I was just curious if it's weird that I like a male character from Pokemon more than I like actual people. I have always had homosexual attractions, since I was about 9 years old, actually (I had a major "crush" on a boy in my class). Again, this is not a joke. The attractions have never been anything more than fantasies in my mind. In other words, I was never in a "gay" relationship. Anyway, I have a crush on a character from Pokemon and I just wanted to know if I shouldn't at my current age. (the character is Ash Ketchum, if that will help you answer my question Read More »